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Telstra Super is committed to providing members with healthy long-term results and returns that exceed others in the industry.

Using SuperRatings surveys, Telstra Super endeavours to deliver results that rank in the top quartile of each survey.

Important information

From 1 February 2017, we are making some modest changes to our asset allocations. Visit for more information about the changes.  You may want to consider the changes if you’re thinking of changing investment options. 

The following table shows the performance of several Balanced investment options of well known funds participating in the SuperRatings Survey SR50 Balanced Index (to 30 November 2016).

Fund 1 year 3 years 5 years
AustralianSuper - Balanced 6.11% 8.14% 10.54%
BT Lifetime Super - BT Multi-manager Balanced 3.01% 4.01% 7.03%
Cbus - Growth 7.89% 8.46% 10.80%
Colonial First State - First Choice Moderate 3.32%
HOSTPLUS - Balanced 8.32% 8.59% 10.73%
REST - Core Strategy 5.72%
Sunsuper for Life - Balanced 6.84% 7.53% 10.10%
Telstra Super - Balanced 4.78% 7.10% 10.43%
Vision SS - Balanced Growth 5.04% 6.93%
SuperRatings Top quartile result* 6.02% 7.41% 10.04%
SuperRatings Median result* 5.04% 6.68% 9.42%

Telstra Super's Balanced option ranked above the top quartile for the 5 year period and above the median for the 3 year period to 30 November 2016.

Telstra Super is committed to providing members with the best possible returns. To help you track the performance of your super, use our industry-leading Investment Performance Graph. This innovative tool lets you see how Telstra Super’s suite of investment options have performed on a monthly basis since the option first commenced and how they compare against the SuperRatings median index. You may also like to subscribe to our monthly e-news, 10 dots - it includes a special investment feature in each issue.

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* SuperRatings Balanced Index to 30 November 2016.

The asset mix of options may vary from time to time. The future performance of any investment option is not guaranteed and past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.