Selecting your investment option

Some Telstra Super Personal Plus members and all Telstra Super RetireAccess® members are required to complete an application form to join Telstra Super. The application form will ask you to nominate your investment choice upon joining.

Important information

From 1 February 2017, we are making some modest changes to our asset allocations. Visit for more information about the changes.  You may want to consider the changes if you’re thinking of changing investment options. 

For members working for Telstra or an associated company, your super account is automatically opened upon advice from your employer that you have commenced work. Once Telstra Super receives notification from your employer you will be sent a welcome kit from Telstra Super which contains important information about your super arrangement and will include an Investment Choice form (48kb) allowing you to nominate your investment choice. To elect an investment option you will need to complete the Investment Choice form and return it to Telstra Super.

If you automatically transfer into Telstra Super Personal Plus upon ceasing employment with the Telstra Group, any investment option you previously elected will be carried across to your new arrangement. You can change this at any time.

Not sure which option is right for you?

You can get simple advice about where you should invest (excluding the Direct Access option) over the phone from an experienced, qualified Adviser at no additional cost as part of your Telstra Super membership. To discuss your investment options, call Telstra Super Financial Planning on
1300 033 166
between 8.30am and 5:30pm (Melbourne time), Monday to Friday.

If you'd rather not select an investment option, that's not a problem. We'll invest your money in our default investment strategy, Telstra Super MySuper.

Our investment basics pages have been designed to provide you with general investment information in order to help you make your own investment choice. For more information on the investment options available to you, visit the investment option pages or download our Investment Guide (2.9mb).

Changing your investment option

You can change your investment option as often, or as little as you like. A buy/sell spread will apply when switching your investment options.

You can change your investment option by:

The earning rate of your current investment option will apply until the effective day. However Telstra Super Pty Ltd reserves the right to adjust the earning rate to reflect market movements and equity among members.

Changing your investment option will also affect how investment returns are allocated to your account. To find out how your account is affected when you change investment options, visit our How unit prices work page.