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Unit Price Graph

Our interactive Unit Price Graph allows you to track daily movements of the unit price for all our investment options. You are able to overlay these options on a colour-coded graph, with comparisons over a range of timeframes.

Data can be easily downloaded as a CSV file for import into programs such as Microsoft Excel. Alternatively, the generation of a convenient link allows you to record and return to the chosen graph at any time in the future.

Telstra Super’s MySuper arrangement, consisting of MySuper Growth, MySuper Balanced and MySuper Conservative is not displayed separately in the Investment Performance Graph. To graph MySuper Growth, MySuper Balanced or MySuper Conservative, please select/view the Growth option, Balanced option or Conservative option respectively below.

Important information

From 1 February 2017, we are making some modest changes to our asset allocations. Visit for more information about the changes.  You may want to consider the changes if you’re thinking of changing investment options. 


Daily unit prices

Unit prices are updated daily, each Victorian Business Day by 3pm (Melbourne time).


Unit prices are net of indirect investment feesindirect administration fee and investment taxes. Unit prices are calculated using investment returns which are net of indirect investment fees and investment taxes but before indirect administration fees. This is different to investment returns appearing in the MySuper Product Dashboard, which are displayed net of administration fees, indirect administration fees, indirect investment fees and investment taxes.


Unit prices reflect earnings on the investments of a chosen investment option. A new buy and sell price is set each Victorian Business Day for each investment option, reflecting the changing value of the underlying assets in the investment option(s) and transactional and operational costs. When making an investment switch, your money will be switched into your new investment option on the next Effective Day. Please read our Effective Day examples before making a switch.


Changes in unit prices may arise from various factors including external factors such as market performance and internal factors such as adjustments to unit pricing calculations. For example, from 7 June 2013 the unit price calculations for Telstra Super Corporate Plus, Telstra Super Casuals, Sensis Super Plus-Accumulation and the Voluntary Accumulation Accounts of defined benefit products were aligned with the unit prices for Telstra Super Personal Plus. This alignment of unit prices for the accumulation products is reflected in the Unit Price Graph for those products. Telstra Super Personal Plus and Telstra Super RetireAccess remain unchanged. View the historical Employer Sponsored unit prices. 


Need more information on unit prices?

For a guided walk-through on how to use the new unit price graph click here.
To find out how unit prices are determined and how they are applied to your account, visit How unit prices work.

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