How unit prices work

Units work in a similar way to shares. You can see how much your super is worth on any day by looking up the unit price for your chosen investment option and multiplying the number of units you hold by the unit price.*

Important information

From 1 February 2017, we are making some modest changes to our asset allocations. Visit for more information about the changes.  You may want to consider the changes if you’re thinking of changing investment options. 

Number of units held
x Daily unit price
= Your super's value

* Unitisation applies to accumulation style arrangements and Telstra Super RetireAccess®. It does not apply to Defined Benefit arrangements.
Your super's value is calculated after deducting where applicable, any insurance costs, contribution taxes and administration fee.

The value of your units can go up or down from day to day as it reflects returns on the investments in your chosen investment option. A new unit price will be set daily as the value of the underlying assets in the investment option(s) changes.

Contributions made by your employer and yourself buy units in the investment options you have chosen. Any money withdrawn from your account reduces the number of units held.

Units make understanding your super easier because you can track the value of your super using the number of units you have and the daily unit prices.

How unit prices are set

Unit prices reflect earnings on the investments of your chosen investment option. A new buy and sell price is set each Victorian Business Day for each investment option, reflecting the changing value of the underlying assets in the investment option(s) and transactional and operational costs.

We use 'forward pricing' when we calculate the daily movement in the value of the Fund's assets. Forward pricing means that the declared unit price for, say, Monday, will be based on the value of the Fund's assets at the close of business on Monday. The unit price will then be released and applied to Monday's transactions (i.e. buying and selling of units) from 1pm on Tuesday, and available on our website by 3pm.  A similar approach will apply to every other Victorian Business Day.

Unit prices are net of indirect investment feesindirect administration fee and investment taxes. Unit prices are calculated using investment returns which are net of indirect investment fees and investment taxes but before indirect administration fees. Telstra Super RetireAccess unit prices exclude taxes, as investment earnings are not taxed in this arrangement. This is different to investment returns appearing in the MySuper Product Dashboard, which are displayed net of administration fees, indirect administration fees, indirect investment fees and investment taxes.

Our unit price page details the most recent unit price for all investment options.


Investment performance

Another way to track your super's progress is through investment returns. Telstra Super's investment returns are updated monthly and show you the return for your chosen investment option(s) over a 12 month, 3 year, 5 year, 7 year and 10 year period. Investment returns are applied to your accumulation account daily in the calculation of the daily unit prices.

Our monthly market updates also provide a handy overview of how investment markets world-wide have performed each month.