Quality products with added membership benefits

Maximise your super with our low-cost quality products and range of membership benefits

Telstra Super offers you and your family low-cost quality products with an extensive range of membership benefits and value-added services.

Telstra Super membership is open to every current and former Telstra Group employee, employees of a Telstra-approved employer (Telstra Stores), and every member of their immediate family who is aged 15 years or over.

Low-cost quality products

Telstra Super has a product to suit the ages and life stages of you and all adult members of your family.

Visit our Which product is right for me? page to find out which of our products best meets your needs.

Extensive range of membership benefits

Joining Telstra Super gives you access to an extensive range of membership benefits including:

Competitive fees

Maximise your super with Telstra Super's competitive fees, plus with Telstra Super there are no entry fees, exit fees or commissions at all!

In addition, individuals and eligible couples with higher balances can access a fee rebate, where administration fees are rebated at the end of each month.

Investment expertise

Your super is one of the most important investments you will ever have, so it is crucial that it is well managed.

With over $16 billion invested on behalf of around 100,000 members*, Telstra Super expertly manages members' funds with a combination of internal and external investment specialists.

Each investment manager is carefully chosen to provide competitive performance as well as specialist skills in particular markets. The result? Consistently competitive returns for our members.

* As at 30 June 2015.

Access to expert financial advice through Telstra Super Financial Planning

Telstra Super Financial Planning's experienced Advisers can provide simple advice and/or comprehensive advice to help build your wealth, not just your super. To discuss your advice needs, call Telstra Super Financial Planning on 1300 033 166 between 8.30am and 5.30pm (Melbourne time), Monday to Friday or request a call.

Visit Telstra Super Financial Planning to find out more.

Choice of investment options

Are you a conservative or aggressive investor? Telstra Super offers a broad range of investment options to suit all investor types. Alternatively, you can choose your own investment mix of two or more of these options.


For your peace of mind and that of your family, insurance is an important consideration. Telstra Super offers flexible and competitive insurance options to members. Whether it is death cover, Total & Permanent Disablement (TPD) or income protection cover, we can arrange a solution to suit you.

Flexible contribution options

We can accept contributions from any employer, you can make your own regular or one-off contributions (with no minimum contribution amount), and you can also transfer (roll in) super you may have from other funds into your Telstra Super account.

Secure access to your super details

Telstra Super members can access their super details our secure online facility SuperOnline.

View Super Statements, obtain an up-to-date balance, or change investment options or personal details quickly and efficiently any time you choose with SuperOnline.

Member education seminars and publications

To help our members make informed choices about their super, we provide expert information on relevant topics through our member education seminars (held Australia wide), as well as our regular member magazine and informative e-newsletters.

Access to lending, savings and transaction products

Telstra Super members can also access home loans, credit cards and savings and transaction products through Members Equity Bank Pty Ltd ABN 56 070 887 679, AFS Licence 229500. ME Bank can be contacted on on 13 15 63.

Fees and charges may apply. You should consider any relevant Product Disclosure Statement available from Members Equity Bank before making any decision to acquire their products or services.

Third party products and services referred to are issued or provided by parties other than Telstra Super.  Telstra Super does not recommend, endorse or accept any responsibility for the products and services offered by any third parties or any liability for loss or damage incurred as a result of services provided by third parties.  Before taking up any such products or services, please ensure you familiarise yourself with the products or services by calling the relevant third party or visiting their website and obtaining the relevant disclosure documents.