Using the standard choice form

Under the government’s Choice legislation, most Australians can choose their super fund. When you start working for a new employer, they will provide you with the government’s Standard choice form. You use this form to tell your employer where you would like your employer to contribute. This means that you can continue your Telstra Super membership and have your new employer contribute into your Telstra Super Personal Plus account.

How do I complete the Standard choice form?

To get your new employer to contribute into Telstra Super Personal Plus, you will need to complete the Standard choice form with Telstra Super’s details as follows:


Completing the form

1. Choice of superannuation fund

As illustrated on the sample form, write an X in the bottom box to indicate your own choice of super fund.

2. Details of my chosen super fund

Complete Telstra Super’s details as provided on the sample form.  

3. Appropriate documentation

Write an x in the box to indicate that you have attached Telstra Super's Letter of Compliance (40.3kb). 

4. Your details

Complete your details.

What happens next?

Once complete, return the Standard choice form and Telstra Super’s Letter of Compliance to your employer along with your Telstra Super Employer Contribution Kit. Your employer will then work directly with Telstra Super Pty Ltd to ensure that your super is being paid into your Telstra Super Personal Plus account.