We have introduced online super account consolidation which makes bringing all your super under one roof easier than ever!

45% of Australians have more than one super account*, each has its own set of fees which, over time, can erode away your savings. Consolidating your external super to your Telstra Super account means you will pay just one set of competitive fees to an expert fund to look after your super and you will have just one account, making it easier to keep track of your savings.

And with our new online account consolidation, combining your accounts can now all be done with a few clicks! Simply follow the three steps below to register for online account consolidation. If you have completed one or more of the steps previously, you only need to complete the remaining ones to register. If you’ve complete them all previously, then you’re registered for online account consolidation!

  Provide your consent for us to use your Tax File Number (TFN) to search Australian Tax Office (ATO) records for lost and multiple super accounts on your behalf. Not sure if you have provided your TFN? Use our online tool to check your TFN status.
  Register for SuperOnline
  Make sure we have your email address


Done? Here’s how things will play out from here!Account consolidation flow chart

Already know which funds you'd like to consolidate?

If you already know which external super you'd like to consolidate into your Telstra Super account, download and complete the Consolidate your super form. We'll arrange the transfer with your other super fund and advise you when the monies are received into your Telstra Super account.


If you have any questions about consolidating your super, please submit an enquiry or call us on 1300 033 166 between 8.00am and 5.30pm (Melbourne time), Monday to Friday.


* Australian Tax Office Super accounts data overview as at 31/12/14