Competitive fees

Telstra Super offers competitive administration fees and investment fees, plus with Telstra Super there are no entry fees, exit fees or commissions.

Fees and costs

The table below shows the possible fees and other costs that you may be charged. These fees and costs may be deducted from your balance, from the returns on your investment or from the fund assets as a whole.

Type of fee Amount How and when paid
Investment fee    

Nil (for all investment options other than Direct Access)

0.2% p.a.* subject to a maximum of $3,000 p.a. (for the Direct Access investment option)

Investment fees are included in the indirect cost ratio below for the MySuper arrangement and each investment option 

* Annual investment fees relating to the balance invested in the Direct Access option. Refer to the Direct Access Product Guide for more information.

Administration fee

$1.50 per week (all members) 


$172 p.a. (if you are invested in the Direct Access investment option)


Deducted from your account at the end of each quarter or when you leave the fund.

In addition, Indirect Administration fees are included in the Indirect cost ratio below for each investment option.

† Annual administration fee for members invested in Direct Access. Refer to the Direct Access Product Guide for more information

Buy-sell spread    

The buy cost or sell cost ranges from 0.00% to 0.30% depending on the investment option. Refer to the Additonal Information About Your Super Guide for more details.   

Deducted in the calculation of unit prices at the time of the transaction.

Switching fee             Nil             N/A
Exit fee    Nil N/A

Advice fees relating to all members investing in a particular MySuper product or investment option


The cost of general and simple personal advice about your Telstra Super account is included in the administration fee paid by all members.

Other fees and costs1    
Indirect cost ratio

Investment fee2 of:

0.72% p.a. for Growth
0.70% p.a. for Balanced
0.33% p.a. for Diversified Income
0.43% p.a. for Defensive Growth
0.44% p.a. for Conservative
0.72% p.a. for International Shares
0.49% p.a. for Australian Shares
0.52% p.a. for Property
0.31% p.a. for Fixed Interest
0.12% p.a. for Cash
0.72% p.a. for MySuper Growth
0.70% p.a. for MySuper Balanced
0.44% p.a. for MySuper Conservative
administration fee of 0.22% p.a.


1. Other fees and costs such as activity fees, advice fees for personal advice or insurance fees may apply. Refer to the Additional Information About Your Super Guide for more information.

2. The indirect investment fee is an estimate based on the current internal and external costs of managing investments in each of the investment options based on recent asset allocations, including costs charged by external investment managers used, performance fees and custodial costs. The exact cost of managing your investment will vary from time to time. If you are invested in the MySuper arrangement and/or have more than one other investment option, the fee deducted from gross investment earnings will be apportioned.
Administration fees

The $1.50 per week administration fee is deducted from your account at the end of each quarter or earlier if you leave Telstra Super. The 0.22% pa (including government levy) indirect administration fee is deducted daily as part of the unit price calculation. For this reason, it is an indirect cost which forms part of the indirect cost ratio. Telstra Super’s fees are comparable to most industry funds and lower than most other retail funds. Sensis Super Plus members who transferred from PASF in July 2001 - your administration fee is paid by your employer.

Indirect investment fees

To cover the cost of investing your retirement savings, Telstra Super charges a competitive investment fee, which varies depending on your investment choice, as summarised in the table below. The total investment fee (including any performance fee which is additional to the base investment fee) is not deducted from your account, instead it is taken into account when calculating unit prices. For this reason, it is an indirect cost which forms part of the indirect cost ratio.

Estimated 2015/2016 investment fees

investment fee

+ Performance

investment fee

Growth 0.63%   0.09%   0.72%
Balanced 0.62%   0.08%   0.70%
Diversified Income* 0.30%   0.03%   0.33%
Defensive Growth 0.40%   0.03%   0.43%
Conservative 0.41%   0.03%   0.44%
International Shares 0.68%   0.04%   0.72%
Australian Shares 0.39%   0.10%   0.49%
Property 0.50%   0.02%   0.52%
Fixed Interest 0.28%   0.03%   0.31%
Cash 0.11%   0.01%   0.12%

* The Diversified Income option commenced on 1 July 2012.


Additional costs

Type of fee or cost Amount How and when paid
Buy-sell spread: the cost of conducting member-initiated transactions Between 0.00% and 0.30% Reflected in the unit price calculation at the time of the transaction

Size versus cost

Telstra Super uses a number of specialist investment managers to manage your super investment. Due to the size of our fund, Telstra Super is able to negotiate wholesale fees. These fees are lower than an individual member could negotiate.

Comparing costs

When comparing the fees of your Telstra Super account with those of other investment products, it is important to consider all the costs involved. With Telstra Super, the total cost of managing your investment is generally low compared to the fees that usually apply to super investments.