Who gets your super when
you pass away?

Sending a postcard like this with your instructions just isn't possible.

That's why you need to nominate your beneficiaries with us today.

Postcard: 'Greetings from the Great Beyond'


Unlike the rest of your estate, which includes assets like your house and investments, you can only nominate a dependant or legal personal representative as the beneficiary/ies of your super savings and any associated insurance cover you have through your fund.

Nominating a beneficiary helps us to determine, in accordance with the Trust Deed and legislation, who should receive your superannuation and any insurance benefit you may be entitled to, in the event of your death.

Who you can nominate

You can nominate your eligible dependants or if you make a binding or non-binding nomination you can also nominate your legal personal representative(s). Superannuation legislation does not permit you to nominate whoever you wish, unless they meet these eligibility criteria.

And while you may think the identities of your dependants are obvious, when you consider divorce, second and third marriages, extended and blended families, identifying dependants can become a difficult and time-consuming task for your super fund without your valid nomination.

Your options: binding, non-binding or reversionary nomination

Binding nomination

A valid binding death benefit nomination gives you certainty about who will receive your benefit if you die and means Telstra Super must pay your death benefit according to your wishes.

A binding nomination must be updated at least every three years. Telstra Super will advise you in writing when your binding nomination is about to expire. We urge you to keep your binding nomination up-to-date to reflect your current family circumstances.

You should consider seeking financial advice prior to making a binding nomination as it may affect your estate planning.

You can make a binding nomination only by completing the Nomination of Beneficiaries form, which needs to be witnessed by two adult witnesses.

Non-binding nomination

A non-binding nomination will be taken into consideration by Telstra Super as well as your personal circumstances, at the time of your death, however it is not binding on the Trustee. This type of nomination can be made without needing to be witnessed.

Your non-binding nomination will endure throughout your membership of Telstra Super, unless you elect to change it. However, Telstra Super urges you to keep your non-binding nomination up-to-date so as to reflect, among other things, your current family circumstances.

You can complete a non-binding nomination by logging in to SuperOnline and providing the relevant details or completing a Nomination of Beneficiaries form.

Reversionary nomination (Telstra Super RetireAccess members only)

If you nominate an eligible reversionary beneficiary, Telstra Super is required by law to pay them the remaining balance of your Telstra Super RetireAccess account as an income stream, in the event of your death. That is, your pension payments will automatically continue to be paid to your nominated beneficiary, upon provision of the required paperwork.

A reversionary beneficiary nomination can only be made at the commencement of a Telstra Super RetireAccess account, by completing a Telstra Super RetireAccess application form. You may only nominate a single reversionary beneficiary who must be an eligible dependant at the date of your death.

As a valid reversionary beneficiary nomination is binding, you will need to close (commute) your existing Telstra Super RetireAccess account and commence a new pension if you want to update or remove an existing reversionary beneficiary nomination.

You cannot nominate a reversionary beneficiary and a binding/non-binding beneficiary on the same Telstra Super RetireAccess account.

Before making the decision to nominate, update or remove a reversionary beneficiary, we recommend you consider seeking financial advice, as there may be Centrelink or the Department of Veterans Affairs implications. As a Telstra Super member, you can access financial planning advice through Telstra Super Financial Planning.

How death benefits are paid

Your death benefit can be paid as a lump sum, through regular instalments, or both.

More information about both payment options is available here.

Managing your beneficiary nomination/s

It is important to make sure you review your beneficiary details at regular intervals, to make sure your nominations are up to date and reflect your current wishes and financial dependents.

More information about managing your nomination/s is available here.