Nominate your beneficiaries:

Managing your beneficiary nomination/s

What happens if my nomination is invalid?

If your nomination is invalid or is incapable of being followed, the Trustee will exercise its discretion and distribute any benefit payable to your dependants and/or legal personal representative in accordance with superanuation laws.

Where can I check my nominated beneficiaries?

You can check your current nominated beneficiaries via SuperOnline. Your Super Statement also shows your nominated beneficiaries.

How do I update my binding or non-binding nomination?

You can complete a new Nomination of Beneficiaries form at any time to ensure your binding or non-binding nomination is up-to-date. The most recent nomination you make overrides your previous nomination, so if you change your beneficiaries by submitting this form, your previous nomination is automatically cancelled. Keeping your nomination up-to-date is important if your circumstances change, for example in the event of marriage, divorce, or the birth of a child.

How do I update my reversionary nomination?

As a valid reversionary beneficiary nomination is binding, you will need to close (commute) your existing Telstra Super RetireAccess account and commence a new pension if you want to update or remove an existing reversionary beneficiary nomination.

How do I cancel my binding or non-binding nomination?

You may wish to remove your binding or non-binding nomination altogether by completing the Nomination of Beneficiaries form. If you do so, the distribution of your benefit (in the event of your death) will be distributed by the Trustee.

What happens if I only want to revoke one of my beneficiaries?

You cannot revoke only one or some beneficiaries as the initial percentage split of your benefit will no longer equal 100%. If you wish to change or amend your nomination in any way, you must complete a new form stating your revised beneficiaries and their percentage allocations (which must equal 100%).

What happens if you die?

Your family should contact us in the event of your death. Once we have been notified of your death, your account balance will be transferred to the Cash investment option (from the date of notification of your death) until it is paid to your beneficiaries and/or your legal personal representative(s). If you have nominated a reversionary beneficiary your investment choice will continue as per your selection and we will contact your reversionary beneficiary regarding the next steps.


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