Make the most of your super

Making decisions about your super and your finances is often
easier when you have the numbers in front of you.

Our easy-to-use calculators can help you figure out your best options for retirement planning, building super, insurance adequacy and more.

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  1.  Planning for the future

    Telstra Super Simulator

    Estimate your projected super balance and consider what you may need to do to keep your super savings on track. You can also access a personalised simulator via SuperOnline, which is pre-populated with all your account details.

    Budget Planner

    Calculate your total annual, quarterly, monthly, fortnightly or weekly costs.

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  1.  Growing Super

    Pre-tax vs post-tax contributions calculator

    Find out what type of contribution will work best for you.

    Government co-contribution calculator

    Use our Government co-contribution calculator to see of you're eligible.

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    Spouse tax offset calculator

    See how making contributions to your spouse’s super account could benefit you.

  1.  Retirement income streams

    Income stream payments calculator

    Calculate your annual minimum and maximum income stream payments.

    Income stream tax calculator

    See how much tax may apply to your retirement income stream payments. 

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  1.  Insurance

    Insurance premium and cover calculator

    See how much insurance you may be eligible for, and how much it may cost.

  1.  Compare us

    Chant West Apple Check

    Compare us against over 200 other funds



Keen to know more about super and your account?

We have a range of educational resources to help:

register for an education seminar at a location near you or online

keep track of your account using SuperOnline

stay up to date with important news about your super through our range of e-publications.

And of course you can always call us on 1300 033 166 to discuss any questions or advice needs you may have.