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The government co-contribution scheme is an incentive to encourage Australians to contribute to their super on a post-tax basis. If eligible, you could receive an additional contribution to your super from the government (50 cents for every $1 contributed, up to a maximum of $500 each financial year).

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If your co-contribution entitlement is greater than $0 and less than $20, you will receive the minimum payment of $20.

You must meet the following requirements to receive the government co-contribution:

  • make eligible contributions to your super from your post-tax income during the financial year
  • earn a total income of less than $50,454 a year pre-tax. The government co-contribution scheme is scaled - the maximum co-contribution amount that you can receive decreases by 3.33 cents for every $1 you earn over $35,454 gradually reducing to zero once you earn $50,454
  • earn a minimum 10% of income from an employer and/or running a business if self-employed
  • must be less than 71 years of age
  • must not be a temporary resident anytime in the year the contribution is made
  • lodge an income tax return for the relevant income year.

Limits apply to post-tax contributions

Where to from here?

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Please note this calculator provides estimates only and should not be relied on for the purposes of making any decisions in relation to your super. We recommend you seek financial advice from Telstra Super Financial Planning Pty Ltd prior to making any decisions.