Closely connected to members

At TelstraSuper we are not only a fund with a strong reputation and performance but a fund that understands the importance of placing our members at the centre of our business decisions.

This is reflected through one of the highest Net Promoter Scores within the industry and demonstrates that we are committed to helping our members manage and maximise their superannuation not matter what their stage in life. We are a profit-to-members fund that lives and breathes this philosophy to help our members create, grow and protect their financial wellbeing throughout their lifetime.

We will give you:

  • The ability to make decisions and work on initiatives and projects that are aligned to the best interest of the membership and deliver positive change in the lives of our members.
  • An understanding of how what you do day to day connects to our purpose and importantly how it impacts the member.
  • Access to appropriate training, membership with industry bodies, and attendance of relevant seminars to ensure you are highly skilled in your role therefore delivering the best outcomes for members.
  • Ability for employees to join TelstraSuper as members and TelstraSuper will pay for your death and disablement (TPD) insurance to provide you and your dependents with a lump sum payment in the unfortunate event of your death or Total and Permanent Disablement.
  • Taking time off to have a family, TelstraSuper will also contribute towards your financial future by paying Superannuation Guarantee (SG) contributions to the primary carer during the unpaid leave period, up to a maximum period of 52 weeks contributing to the economic wellbeing of women.

Ethical and Sustainable Investment

The opportunity to work for a fund that has an active focus on ethical and sustainable investing, understanding the impact it has on our community and members

  • Have divested from (or negative screen) companies involved in tobacco manufacturing and controversial weapons
  • Invest in (or positive screen) sustainable energy projects like wind farms
  • Signed-on to Climate Action 100+ to encourage the largest corporate greenhouse gas emitters to take necessary action

Community, Vulnerable Consumers & Indigenous People

The opportunity to work for a fund that considers the community in which it operates by actively supporting fund raising events, vulnerable consumers and indigenous people

  • TelstraSuper partners with First Nations Foundation to educate and reconnect indigenous people with their superannuation whilst also educating our staff on the challenges and barriers indigenous people have engaging with superannuation.
  • TelstraSuper actively participates in the ‘Big Super Day Out’ events which are held for and within indigenous communities around Australia.
  • TelstraSuper continually supports and participates in various fund raising events including the Mother’s Day Classic, Connors run, and causes that are of importance to both our employees and members.