Employee Testimonials

As an end to end business we offer opportunities for careers in a range of business disciplines including Finance, Technology, Financial Planning, Operations, Marketing and People and Culture just to name a few. This is what our people have to say about working at TelstraSuper:

"The first word that comes to my mind associating TelstraSuper with is "Family". It is said that the organisation is built with people not with brick and mortar. I have experienced it to be true here in TelstraSuper. Whether it is my colleagues, direct manager or the Executive leadership team, everyone here is so approachable, friendly, respectful and welcoming that it just makes it feel like my home, away from home.

Secondly, TelstraSuper supports individual’s career aspirations. Leadership is always keen to understand how you want to contribute and to achieve that, if you need to upskill. Investing in training and then allowing you to use your learnings on the job without a fear of failure, makes this organization a great place to work for!" — Ravinder – Data and Analytics


"I commenced my career with TelstraSuper straight out of University. What I enjoy most about working at TelstraSuper is the diverse group of people who are all so friendly, genuine, and supportive. Additionally, my onboarding was a great introduction to the world of work and what was expected of me. The opportunity to learn is provided consistently. I know my managers and my team have my back and I feel empowered to provide value to the business. TelstraSuper shows genuine care for employees and fosters an excellent work life balance. It would be very hard to leave, the bar has been set so high!" — Olek - IT Operations


"I'm proud to work for Telstra Super. It's been an amazing journey so far, which has enabled me to learn, grow and progress over the past 20 years. From the beginning as a Benefits Administrator to Customer Service Consultant right through to my current role as Manager, Member Admin & Employer Services, the encouragement, support and flexibility has been a constant, which makes all the difference.

TelstraSuper provides the opportunity to work in a positive, uplifting culture and with an amazing group of people who are dedicated to delivering on our vision as a team." — Enza, Member Administration and Employer Services


"I’m proud to say that I will soon be celebrating my tenth anniversary working at TelstraSuper. I truly enjoy coming to work in such a positive atmosphere.

From the moment I joined TelstraSuper, I noticed the importance it places on its employees, along with serving its members and communities, which I knew was going to positively impact my learning and career experience. There are many great benefits that TelstraSuper has to offer; the excellent work-life balance, employee discounts, paid time off to volunteer, professional development programs and health and wellness programs. And whilst I greatly appreciate all these amazing benefits; it’s the culture of care and commitment to its employees and members that tops my list.

Fast forward a decade and all these things still hold true. The focus on people is refreshing, senior Leadership is approachable, learning opportunities have been great, achievements are celebrated, employee feedback and suggestions for change are received openly, not to mention I’m always surrounded by friendly and respectful co-workers. I feel very fortunate for the experience and learning opportunities I have personally been given and the opportunity to also contribute and be part of various key committees and working groups, enabling me to make a difference. The experience at TelstraSuper combines the best attributes you find in a smaller organisations where you can be heard and add value, as well as that of a corporate environment where there is room to pursue and grow your career." — Mary, People and Culture