Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity embodies many of our core values – it encourages mutual respect and empowerment and fosters collaboration, flexibility and fairness.

Workplace Employer of Choice for Gender Equality 2019-2021

TelstraSuper is one of only 119 organisations around Australia to be recognised as a Workplace Employer of Choice for Gender Equality 2019-2021.  

This is the third time we have received this prestigious citation which recognises the significant progress we have made in achieving gender equality and in driving positive change for an inclusive workplace, The citation’s seven focus areas cover leadership, strategy and accountability; developing a gender balanced workforce; gender pay equity; support for caring; mainstreaming flexible work; preventing gender-based harassment and discrimination, sexual harassment and bullying; and driving change beyond your workplace.

Gender equality is increasingly critical to an organisation's success. The citation acknowledges the significant progress that has been made in driving workplace gender equality outcomes and it ensures TelstraSuper’s commitment to further improve upon current leading practices.

A message from our CEO

From your very first day at TelstraSuper, you’re welcomed as part of a team that’s high performing, socially responsible, inclusive and respectful. It’s a place where people are family and where we celebrate the fact that our diversity makes us great.

Here’s what CEO Chris Davies has to say:

In 2016, the TelstraSuper Board endorsed our inaugural Diversity & Inclusion Strategy and roadmap. This was an important step forward in demonstrating our commitment to being an organisation that harnesses diversity and inclusiveness.

We’ve done a lot of work since that time to set the foundations for a respectful and inclusive workplace. We’ve implemented a suite of related policies, procedures and strategies across our three areas of focus: Inclusion and Respect, Leadership Diversity and Flexible work and careers. These reinforce our commitment to building a more equitable workplace. As a result we are proud to advise that we have:

  • a Board with equal representation of male to females
  • met our target for gender representation at the Executive level
  • almost 20% of our staff working partly from home on a regular basis , the recent pandemic will see this figure increase substantially on a more permanent basis.

In 2021 TelstraSuper was recognised for the 3rd consecutive year as a Workplace Employer of Choice for Gender Equality 2020-2021. The EOCGE citation recognises TelstraSuper’s active commitment to achieving gender equality and its leadership in driving positive change for an inclusive workplace.

As a Pay Equity Ambassador, I am committed to pay equity and equality. Over the coming year the fund will look to strengthen our already strong parental leave policy, ensure we continue to support an equal gender balance workforce, complete our annual gender pay equity analysis and continue to encourage flexible working arrangements. Further to this we are developing initiatives that support employees who have caring responsibility for elderly family.

I’m proud of the culture and values the fund and our employees embody as they work hard in helping all our members achieve their retirement goals.

Chris Davies
Chief Executive Officer

Workplace Gender Equality Agency reports

As a non-public sector employer with 100 or more employees, we are required to report annually to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA). The 2020/2021 Report has been submitted to WGEA. Any comments regarding the report can be directed to TelstraSuper.

Previous WGEA Reports:

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace

We pursue activities and initiatives which cultivate a diverse and inclusive culture that continues to make TelstraSuper a great place to work.

We have committed to ongoing programs to instil awareness and change behaviour to foster diversity and inclusion such as:

  • unconscious bias awareness training for all People Leaders
  • continue to recruit from a diverse pool of candidates and aim to shortlist both men and women for every role, including gender-balanced interview panels
  • remuneration and gender pay analysis annually
  • ongoing review of workplace environment and update people policies and processes in line with best practice
  • education for Management on workplace flexibility
  • continue to celebrate Cultural Diversity with a calendar of events throughout the year