Super is boring and boredom is good for you

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"Boredom is the root of all evil, so said philosopher Soeren Kierkegaard, idle hands and all that...

Well studies suggest boredom is actually good for you. Indeed current thinking suggests that parents should let their children get bored as it assists them become more creative, it forces them to find ways to amuse themselves. Dr Teresa Belton a Fellow at the University of East Anglia says that boredom develops children’s innate ability to be creative.

Boredom, what is it good for…

For adults too boredom plays a role. In an experiment (Mann & Cadman, 2014), researchers found that boredom can make people creative. Participants in the study either carried out a boring writing activity – copying out phone numbers from a telephone directory, or not – and then completed a creative task i.e. coming up with as many uses for two polystyrene cups as possible. Participants in the ‘boring’ condition came up with significantly more uses for the polystyrene cups compared to controls.

Researchers at York University in Canada have been researching boredom for over 10 years. In one study (Eastwood et al., 2007) they identified that our natural tendency is to seek outside stimulations and distractions when we’re bored however this does not provide desired results.
‘Like the trap of quicksand, such thrashing only serves to strengthen the grip of boredom by further alienating us from our desire and passion, which provide compass points for satisfying engagement with life’, they said.
Instead the researchers suggest treating boredom as an opportunity to ‘discover the possibility and content of one’s desires’.

Super is boring and good for you

We know super is boring, especially for younger people. For starters it can’t be touched until you’re much older, and it’s money you don’t see so you don’t feel very attached to it. It feels complicated with the rules around it often changing. You may have a few super funds with dribs and drabs of money and it gives you a headache just thinking about sorting it. And worst of all, you just KNOW you should do something about it but it’s too hard…

Give yourself 30 minutes of super boredom - take 3 simple steps you’ll never regret

So accept that boring is good for you. Set aside 30 minutes to embrace boredom, consider it time invested in yourself, start here. You never know – you may even find sorting your super wasn’t so boring after all!

Step 1: Check your balance

The easiest way to check your balance and manage your super is through SuperOnline.
If you’re not registered for SuperOnline, it’s easy to register. You just need your member number and PIN. If you’ve forgotten your PIN, you can have a new one sent to your email or mobile.

Check your balance

Step 2: Locate and combine your super

With one set of fees and one online account to view your details – put a stop to fees eating into your super balance. We can find your super for you and do all the boring paperwork!

Find your super 

Step 3: Save a little extra

If you’ve ever taken a career break or worked less than full-time -- or plan to one day -- just adding a little bit extra each week to your super can help build your retirement savings.

Boost your super

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