3 smart inventions that keep people living independently longer

A number of gadgets have been developed that could help many older people stay living in their own homes for longer. Here are just a few of them.

Happy senior women having afternoon tea

Glass toaster

It might be no big deal for the average Joe, but for older people, toaster mishaps (and the resultant fire alarms) can cause families to think that older people aren’t safe at home alone. This is where a glass toaster can be a game changer. According to David Panter, the chief executive at South Australian aged care provider ECH, with a glass-sided toaster you can see the toast brown. It eliminates smoke alarms going off and takes away the worry of adult children not believing their parents can look after themselves*.

Mobility clothing

One of the biggest challenges for older people as they lose mobility and flexibility, is simply getting dressed in the morning. But a few smart fashion designers are finding ways to get around these. For example, ‘petal back’ designs eliminate the need to struggle with buttons or pull-over tops^. Velcro tabs with faux buttons eliminate fiddly fastenings while letting people keep wearing the styles they’re used to**.

Adapted crockery and cutlery

Regular china and silverware can be a bit trickier to manage if you’ve got an impairment such as joint pain or vision problems. That’s where adapted versions like Eatwell come in^^. Eatwell is a tableware set with features to make it easier to eat, as well as prevent accidents. Features include non-slip bases, a slanted bowl, specially curved spoons with sideways grips, and bright colours to contrast with food. There’s also Liftware, the self-stabilising cutlery handles***.

When it’s time to think about aged care…

If you’re looking at aged care for a parent or grandparent, it pays to know how the assessment system works, and what to look out for when choosing homes.

In Australia there are a few different levels of residential aged care available. The one you (or a loved one) chooses will depend on the level of help they need around the clock, as well as their medical requirements. The assessment process can take a little time, so it’s important to plan ahead. Want to know what to look for in good aged care services or accommodation? Need to feel a bit more confident about application processes, and where the money will come from?

You can check out our online financial education units on aged care. What you learn in five minutes today could save you a lot of time and stress down the track.

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