4 iso money habits to keep - and 2 to forget

One of the biggest changes to occur during isolation and social distancing has been people’s attitude towards money. With our regular routines in mayhem we’ve been forced to be more creative and selective with our disposable income

Female sitting on couch with laptop on her lap
So which iso money habits should we keep when life returns to normal, and which should we kick to the curb?

1. Keep exercising for free

People have had to find more simple ways to keep fit recently. In the process, many have realised that their local parks, beaches and home workouts offer great opportunities to exercise. Once normality returns, why not keep exercising for free, enjoying the outdoors.

2. Stay a natural beauty

Our diminished social lives mean many of us have stopped spending as much time (and more importantly money) trying to look like the ideal set of celebrities and influencers. Embrace the more natural you that social distancing has necessitated, ditch unnecessary beauty treatments and watch your savings soar. And before making any new purchases think back to your iso days and ask yourself “Do I really need it?”

3. Continue shopping locally

We’ve realised during isolation that if we want our favourite local businesses to survive then we need to support them. Travel may be a way off so keep up the sense of community you’ve created and continue to shop, eat, drink and play locally.

4. Always plan for a rainy day

COVID-19 has shown us that we need to be financially prepared for anything—rain, hail or pandemic. We may have less outgoings at the moment so it’s the perfect time to start working on creating emergency savings. Start by getting a complete overview of your expenses using our budget planner and then, if possible, start saving a set amount each pay day. Not only will your bank balance sing, but your rainy-day fund will also help soothe financial anxiety.

So, that’s 4 great isolation money habits to keep…what about those we should forget?

1. Stop paying for TV

Having as many pay TV subscriptions as possible may be worth it while you’re cooped up inside, but after isolation ends this expense should be the first to go. Firstly, when the freedom to be outside whenever you want is there, do it! Secondly, it might seem like these subscriptions are cheap, but every dollar adds up and can go towards your rainy-day fund.

2. Ditch home delivery

When you’re being encouraged or required to stay at home, getting food and other items delivered is a great way to treat yourself. But going forward save your cash and do it yourself—even better make it yourself. Every dollar helps towards creating your rainy-day fund so enjoy watching your savings rise.

What if money worries are keeping you up at night?

Times are tough and if your money worries are keeping you up at night, we may be able to help. Start creating peace of mind with your super by giving us a call on 1300 033 166 or message us and we’ll get back to you.