5 ways to stop procrastinating about important things in life

Always have a long to-do-list but never seem to get anything done? 

Woman standing at kitchen bench crossing off a list

You might even be reading this article to avoid carrying out a task! Learn how to stop delaying or postponing tasks and power through with these five easy tips. 

1. Break the task down

When you’re feeling overwhelmed by a task you’re more likely to procrastinate instead of getting things done. Breaking the ask down into smaller, achievable tasks gives you a clear plan for action plus a greater sense of accomplishment. 

For example, if you’re procrastinating about sorting your super, a first step might be opening all your super statements and filing them, or calling up to update your mobile number or email address.


2. Make your goals public

Let your friends hold you accountable by letting them know your intentions. Planning on losing five kilos? It’s hard to go out for ice-cream when everyone knows your goal. Tell all your friends, colleagues and family about your projects, and then you’ll be bound to try harder so you can impress them when they want updates.

3. Try the 2 minute rule

Keep your to-do list shorter from the start by living by the two-minute-rule. Basically, if something takes less than two minutes, do it then and there rather than return for it. For example, rather than just opening a bill, pay it then and there so it’s done and out of mind.

4. Don’t over complicate things

It’s easy to make excuses, but if you keep waiting for the “perfect time” to do something it might not ever come. Don’t let yourself get caught up in negative scenarios or “what ifs?”, instead stop making excuses, deal with the situation at hand and get your task done. 

5. Eliminate enablers

Whether it’s scrolling through social media or catching up on Netflix, we all have our “go-to” when we’re supposed to be doing other things. Make a conscious decision to step away from these and instead focus your time and energy on the task at hand. You’ll feel less guilty plus have more time, be more efficient and have a greater sense of accomplishment. 

Been procrastinating about your super?

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