Can doing chores reduce stress?

You come home after a long day—the house is messy, dinner’s waiting to be made, bills are piling up on the table and the dog is looking at you longingly… and your stress levels start to rise.

Woman doing the dishes

However, could doing your chores actually be a great way to relax rather than create stress? Take a look at how it’s done.

Sweat it out

If you’re stressing over a list of chores and you also want to get some exercise in, why not combine them? Washing the windows and giving the bathroom a good scrub can work up a sweat which has the benefit of reducing the body’s stress hormones.* Sweat it out further and turn on some dance tunes, pump up the volume and swap chore time for the best stress relieving work-out session ever.

Take 20 outside

If the garden’s a mess and the dog hasn’t had a good walk in days, that’s great news for those feeling stressed. In fact, spending just 20 minutes in a place that connects you with nature will significantly lower your stress hormones . So get yourself outside, spend some quality time with your leafy or furry friends and feel yourself start to relax.

Try music therapy

Dishes in the sink and sheets that need changing usually provokes a stressful sigh, but music makes anything more enjoyable. For a mood lifter try something upbeat, or to relieve anxiety listen to something on the mellow side. Before you know it the bulk of the work will be done, the house will sparkle and the music will have calmed the stress you were feeling.

Cook up a storm

No one wants to come home midweek and realise there’s nothing in the fridge to turn into a quick meal. Batch cooking isn’t for everyone but making a couple of bigger dishes on the weekend and using the leftovers as mid-week dinners relieves stress and leaves more time for you to relax in the evenings. And if you do need a quick meal have a look at 5 meals easier than Uber Eats.

Count your pennies

Getting on top of your finances is a massive chore that many try not to think about, but with 85% of Australians feeling their well-being is negatively impacted by financial tensions , it is vitally important.^ If you’ve no idea where to start, our budget planner can be a good way to see what you’re spending and where any savings may be. From there setting up automatic payments for your regular bills and creating a savings plan will stop your finances feeling like a chore and reduce financial stress.

Don’t make super a chore

There’s a lot to stress about in life but super doesn’t need to be on the list. If you’re stressing about your financial future, we can offer simple advice over the phone at no additional cost, or TelstraSuper Financial Planning has a team of qualified advisers to support you with more comprehensive advice—call 1300 033 166.