Is FOKMO breaking the budget?

More than just the latest buzz word, parents worldwide are breaking the budget to avoid experiencing FOKMO (the Fear Of Kids Missing Out). To alleviate the stress we’ve compiled a list of great school holiday activities that won’t break the bank.

Two young boys playing on a trampoline in the backyard. One is making a huge leap onto the trampoline.

Join the ultimate treasure hunt

Geocaching with kids is the latest craze that’s seeing families tracking down hidden treasures around the city. There are more than 2 million hidden geocaches scattered across the globe and all you need is a smartphone and the geocaching app to get involved. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location. 

Get involved with the local library

Many local libraries put on events to cater to kids during the school holiday period and most of them are completely free. If you’re based in Melbourne head to the Southbank Library to experience “Toby the T-rex and Friends” or build a secret lair with giant bricks at “KickBricks Big Brick Build” at the East Melbourne Library.  

Visit the beach

Nothing better (or cheaper) than a trip to the beach. We’re blessed with some beautiful coastlines around Australia and often the long weekend weather at this time of the year cooperates making the beach a great spot to visit. Pack a picnic to keep the costs down and enjoy some sea air and sand under your feet.  

Check out local events

Sydneysiders celebrating Easter can see the Sydney Easter Parade on 2 April. Giant inflatables, animal costumes, marching band, stilt-walkers and many creative and colourful displays are some of the things that will be featured in the parade – best of all, it’s free. In Melbourne, there’s the Good Friday Appeal Kids Day Out on March 30. Entry is free and there’s plenty of activities for a gold coin donation.

Start your own grand prix

Let the kids use coloured tape to mark out car tracks through the house. You can even get them to build in a “car wash” where they need to clean up the matchbox cards with a bit of dish washing liquid and an old tooth brush. 

DIY target practice

Great for kids with an interest in footy, take an old tarp, some rope, a marker and tape to create your own target. Cut out different shapes in the tarp, hang it in the yard and let the competition begin.  

Camp out in the backyard

This one is perfect for sleepovers. With pop tents going for as little as $20 these days, a camping trip in the backyard is easier than ever. Let the kids turn the tent into their own secret fort and perhaps even organise a ‘scary’ ghost story or two.

Make fairy dust dough

Hair conditioner, corn flour, food colouring and glitter – this is a recipe for fun for kids of all ages. 

Get up close with the animals

Seeing live animals doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. Children under 16 are admitted free during school holidays to the Zoo in Victoria or think outside the box and head to national parks to see animals in the wild. In Sydney you can find flying foxes and cockatoos in the Royal Botanic Gardens or if you’re in Adelaide head to Deep Creek Conservation Park.