Never lose your super details again

From phone numbers to work codes – not to mention that the average person has around 27 online logins* – it’s not surprising that many of us find it hard to remember our TelstraSuper member number. But it’s now easier to keep your super details in one place with our new Digital Member Card.

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If you’re not familiar with digital cards, they’re basically a file that is downloaded and saved to your smartphone, allowing you to access the details anytime, anywhere. Digital cards can be used for membership cards but also many other things like loyalty cards, boarding passes, and even movie tickets. It’s just like having a regular card in your wallet, just without the clutter.

While you’ll probably change jobs, addresses (and even sometimes surnames) throughout your relationship with TelstraSuper, your member number will always stay the same so holding onto it can help you keep track of your super.

Downloading your Digital Member Card will:

  • Give you easy access to your member number making it easier to fill out forms or log into your online account
  • Allow you to send your super details to a new employer at the click of a button so they can pay your super into your TelstraSuper account
  • Save your personal BPAY details so you can make extra contributions to your super

Simply login into your online account to download your card.  


Why download your Digital Member Card?

Besides keeping your member number in an easy to access place, your Digital Member Card also keeps all of your super fund details in one place so if you ever start a new job you have everything you need to keep paying your super into your TelstraSuper account.  This can stop you accumulating duplicate accounts and allow you to enjoy the benefits of TelstraSuper across your entire super balance. There’s even a button to send your new employer an email with all the details they need to set up superannuation payments into your TelstraSuper account.

As an added bonus, your Digital Member Card also contains your personal BPAY numbers so you can make extra super contributions into your TelstraSuper account at anytime.

What do I need?

The Digital Member Card is available for both Apple and Android users – all you need is a smartphone with a digital wallet app.

If you have an Apple device running iOS9 or above, you will automatically have a wallet app called Apple Wallet. If you’re an Android user you can download PassWallet via Google Play. You can access your digital card anytime in your online account. It’s easy to download or you can just view it online when you want to grab your details. 

Need help?

You can check out our list of frequently asked questions  or speak to one of our friendly team members by calling 1300 033 166 Monday – Friday between 8.30am and 5.30pm (Melbourne time) or filling out our online contact form

Frequently asked questions

*Intel Security (2016 )