Retirees just like you - how our members are spending their retirement

Travelling, gardening, walking, volunteering, studying, looking after grandchildren – TelstraSuper retirees are a busy bunch and most of you seem to be content with your life.

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In last month’s SuperInsights we asked you how you spend your retirement and many of you were happy to tell us and share your experiences.

The good news is that, overwhelmingly, most of you are living comfortably on your retirement income and are satisfied with how your retirement is working out. Most people feel they have the right amount of time to fit in everything they want to do.

Along with the popular activities mentioned, some of you enjoy the less common pursuits of sailing model yachts and learning the recorder.

You also enjoy farming, playing guitar, tai chi, mah jong, arts and crafts, lunching with friends, involvement in church and clubs and projects in your shed.  Ever popular sports – both playing and watching – were golf, tennis, cycling and walking. One member said: “take up golf – it will make you happy, angry, fitter, social, hot, cold, wet and, very occasionally, feel like you improved your patience and skill level.” 

We asked you to pass on any advice to other retirees. Your valuable words of wisdom ranged from the practical:

“Join U3A and get out and meet new people, take up a new activity and learn new skills.”

“Keep up social interaction via friends, family and sporting clubs; stay active and travel whenever possible”.

“Take up some kind of learning activity – anything!”

“Learn a musical instrument, for example a recorder. It’s cheap and one would be pleasantly surprised how nice a recorder can sound.” 

“Get a hobby – woodworking, photography, join a service club, men’s shed, renovate a house, landscape your garden and travel somewhere at least once a year for month or more.”

“Get active, walk instead of driving, time is what you now have plenty of.”

“Take a serious look at what material possessions you really need!!!”

“Do not sit in front of the TV.”

To the more philosophical:

“The best things in life are free. Enjoy what nature has to offer.” 

“Be prudent but happy. Keep busy and think of those less fortunate.”

“Start with the harder things while you can. It is disappointing to find you can’t climb a mountain any more.”

“Discuss options with family and friends. Remember it takes time to synchronise to a new life rhythm.”

“Plenty of exercise and travelling to new places is my idea of how to keep mentally and physically contented and enthusiastic about retirement.”

“Relax and enjoy your freedom to do things in your own time. Establish/ keep up social connection.”

“Stay interested in the world around you. Volunteer where you can meet and greet people as it will also help you to socialise.”

“Don't worry it's a fact of life.”

“Get out and do all the things you thought of doing whilst in employment, don't just sit around waiting to go belly-up.”

Let us help you

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