It's time you saw your career from a different perspective

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Tips to get ahead in your career 

We promise we won't give you the usual clichés like "give 110%" or "dress for the job you want".

Get head hunted

1. Get head hunted

Recruiters are increasingly turning to LinkedIn to approach potential candidates, especially for senior roles. The best profiles use facts and figures to demonstrate achievements and have a professional photo. Recommendations are king in the LinkedIn world - reach out to past colleagues, managers and associates. If you want your profile to be searchable, ensure you include important key words relevant to your industry. Make sure you’re networking whenever you can – the more visible you are the more likely your name will come up when that next role arises.
Test out a new career

2. Test out a new career

Stop googling career options and start making progress. If you’ve always wanted to do something different but the mortgage payments mean you can’t take the risk of quitting – test it out first – on the side while still doing your day job. Want to be a personal trainer? Test it out with a friend who has always wanted to get fit. Fancy yourself as a chef? Offer to cater your colleague’s birthday party and see how you perform under pressure. Trying out your idea well help you understand if the grass is really greener. Many people are now starting side businesses while they work so they can see if their ideas have merit without giving up their income. It’s a low risk strategy – and although it will eat up a lot of your spare time the payoff could be worth it.
Put your hand up

3. Put your hand up

Been thinking about applying for that promotion but aren’t confident that you can tick all the boxes on the job description? Apply anyway. Studies show that men apply for a job when they meet only 60% of the qualifications, but women apply only if they meet 100%*. Remember this stat next time you think you aren’t good enough and check if you’re under selling your abilities. And if you’re looking to take on responsibilities or work on an upcoming project don’t wait for your boss to approach you. But even the best ideas can go unnoticed if they aren’t presented in the right way. Pick your timing carefully and don’t waffle. Mondays and mornings should be avoided as the boss tends to be rushed and getting across what they need to do for the day. Use examples to back yourself up. For the best results, prepare for the tough questions like resourcing and budgets in advance.

* Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead by Sheryl Sandberg
Expand your skills

4. Expand your skills

At this point in your career it may have been years since you last studied. But a key to success is to never stop learning. Some companies are great at providing training but others may not have the same budgets so don’t rely on your employer for professional development. If you have a new skill you want to learn more about – do a course. There are many short courses on offer these days so it’s doesn’t have to be a long and expensive degree you have to do to get update your skills.  If you’re wanting to change careers look at what skills they ask for in job ads and work towards getting those. It may take time but the long-term benefits will make it worth it. Having up to date skills is always going to make you a more attractive employee.
Boost your super

5. Make your money work harder for you

Make sure your super is working as hard as you are by checking you don’t have any rouge accounts from your various jobs over the years. If you have more than one super fund then the chances are you’ll have more than one set of fees as well as insurance policies, which can quickly chew up your super balance. Sorting this out while your money still has time to grow could make you thousands of dollars better off in retirement.  Simply provide us with consent to use your Tax File Number to search on your behalf and we’ll do the rest.
Do one things and call us

6. Call us and get it sorted

Feeling time poor? We can help. As part of your membership you can get general advice about your super over the phone at no additional cost, so make the most of it. It’s quick and easy, and we can help you check your balance, consolidate your accounts, make contributions, and more. You can call us on 1300 033 166 or fill in our online form and we’ll call you.

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