Want to move your KiwiSaver across the Tasman?

Worked in New Zealand and have a KiwiSaver account you no longer need? We can help you move the balance to TelstraSuper.

Only a few Australian super funds accept transfers from KiwiSaver accounts and we’re proud to offer this service to our members. Transferring your KiwiSaver balance can avoid multiple sets of fees and taxes and can consolidate your money for retirement into one easy-to-manage account.

Before you transfer your super, you should consider the implications of transferring your account balance (including on insurance, fees and tax). You should also consider getting financial advice before transferring your account balance.

Are you eligible?

To transfer your KiwiSaver account to TelstraSuper you must:

  • have left New Zealand and be a permanent resident of Australia;
  • have a TelstraSuper account; and
  • transfer your full KiwiSaver account balance to your TelstraSuper account.

Important information

  • The transfer amount is subject to the non-concessional contribution cap of $110,000 per year, up to $330,000 over 3 years if you’re under 65 by triggering the bring-forward rule. If you exceed the cap, you’ll be liable for excess contributions tax.
  • The money transferred will be the Australian Dollar equivalent of the New Zealand Dollar amount received, using the currency conversion rate at the date the money is received into your TelstraSuper account.
  • You’ll need to provide TelstraSuper with your Australian Tax File Number (TFN) and New Zealand Inland Revenue (IRD) number.
  • Once transferred, you can’t access your KiwiSaver amount until you reach New Zealand’s retirement age, currently age 65. However, investment earnings on the KiwiSaver funds will be subject to Australian super release rules.

Ready to make the move?

Move your KiwiSaver in 3 easy steps:

  1. Comply with the requirements of your New Zealand fund, complete the fund’s KiwiSaver transfer form and send to TelstraSuper at [email protected].
  2. TelstraSuper will send your New Zealand fund the required information for the transfer, including a letter of compliance.
  3. TelstraSuper will provide confirmation of transfer once funds have been received from your New Zealand fund via EFT transfer.

Not a TelstraSuper member?

Anyone can join and open a Personal Plus account in TelstraSuper using our online form.

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Have other super accounts in Australia and want to move them across too?

If you have other Australian super accounts, you’re paying multiple sets of fees which can eat into your savings. By combining your accounts you'll not only pay one set of competitive fees, you’ll have just one account to keep track of.

Before you consolidate your super, you should consider the implications of combining your super (including on insurance, fees and tax). You should also consider getting financial advice before combining your super.


We’re here to help

If you need help transferring your KiwiSaver account balance to TelstraSuper, or have any other questions about your super, please call us on 1300 360 988, or request a call back.

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