Advice included in your TelstraSuper membership

Get general and simple personal financial advice about your TelstraSuper account over the phone at no additional cost.

As part of your TelstraSuper membership, you can get help over the phone about the topics below without any additional costs.

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Advice tailored to your personal circumstances:

Super contribution strategies

Find out how much you can contribute to super and the potential benefits available to you. We can discuss tax implications, salary sacrificing, government co-contributions, spouse contributions and more. 

Insurance within your account

Learn about the types of insurance you hold through your TelstraSuper account and assess whether the levels are appropriate for your personal circumstances.

Choosing an investment option*

Check that you're in the right investment option for what you want to achieve. We can discuss your financial objectives and complete a risk profile questionnaire with you.

General advice and factual information:

  • Combining multiple super accounts
    Learn how you can search for your lost super accounts and the potential benefits of combining them into TelstraSuper. We can also help you understand the things you should consider before combining super accounts.
  • Managing your super in the event of a redundancy

    We can help you with information about taking TelstraSuper to a new employer or accessing your super. We can also help you understand if you have enough super to retire.

  • Taking TelstraSuper to a new employer

    Discover how you can get your new employer to pay your super into your TelstraSuper account so you can keep enjoying the benefits across your entire super balance.

  • Transition to retirement options

    Learn about ways to reduce your working hours or boost your super leading into retirement. We can help you understand any fees that may apply, investment choice, income options and tax advantages.

  • Accessing super in retirement

    Discover when you can access your super and if you’ll have enough to retire when you’d like to. We can also discuss retirement income options.

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Want financial advice about other topics?

You can get comprehensive personal advice about a broad range of super and non-super topics tailored to your individual objectives, financial situation and needs. TelstraSuper Financial Planning offers one-off or ongoing advice services.


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