How to join TelstraSuper

Whether you’re working full time or casually, ready to retire, or just ready to build your super savings faster, TelstraSuper has a product to meet your needs. And all our products come with an extensive range of membership benefits.

Come and be part of Australia's largest corporate superannuation fund and enjoy competitive fees and many other benefits of membership. TelstraSuper is the default super fund for Telstra and its related companies. If you work for Telstra or a related company you don't need to do anything – you'll automatically become a member and remain in the fund even if you leave Telstra.

If you're an eligible family member who'd like to join, check the eligibility criteria below and then simply:

Fill an application form to join the Personal Plan 

Download application form

This can be either emailed to or mailed back to us. 


Call us on 1300 033 166 and we can help you with the paperwork.

Are you eligible to join?

TelstraSuper's open to:

  • every current and former* Telstra Group employee, 
  • employees of a Telstra-approved employer (Telstra Stores), and 
  • every eligible member of your family.

That means more Australians than ever can now enjoy the advantages of belonging to Australia's largest corporate super fund.

An eligible family member must be aged 15 years or over and presently related to a current or deceased TelstraSuper member in one of the following ways:

  • Spouse**
  • Husband 
  • Wife
  •  Son
  •  Daughter
  •  Father
  •  Mother
  •  Grandson
  •  Granddaughter
  •  Brother
  •  Sister
  •  Grandfather
  •  Grandmother
  •  Uncle
  •  Aunt
  • Nephew 
  •  Niece
  •  First cousin
  •  Mother-in-law
  •  Father-in-law
  •  Son-in-law
  •  Daughter-in-law
  •  Brother-in-law
  •  Sister-in-law
  •  Stepfather
  •  Stepmother
  •  Stepbrother
  •  Stepdaughter
  •  Stepson
  • Stepsister

*A former Telstra Group employee is someone who was an employee of the Telstra Group on or after 1 July 1990.

**Spouse includes a person whether of the same sex or a different sex who is in a relationship that is registered under an Australian State or Territory law or a person whether the same or a different sex who lives with another person on a genuine domestic basis.

Need help joining?

At TelstraSuper we're here to help you build a secure financial future. If you'd like to discuss joining, call us on 1300 033 166 or fill in our online contact form.

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