Telstra Defined Benefits

As a Defined Benefit member you enjoy all the benefits and services TelstraSuper has to offer.

Fee-free defined benefit
  • Benefit based on a set formula independent of investment performance
  • No investment risk to the member
  • Employer and personal contributions
Insurance cover
  • Death and Total & Permanent Disablement cover
Contribute to a Voluntary Accumulation Account
  • Transfer (roll-in) super from any other funds
  • Make your own regular or one-off contributions
Investment choice
Track your super with ease
  • Use SuperOnline™ to manage your super securely
  • Monitor investment performance and check TelstraSuper's daily unit prices for your Voluntary Accumulation Account.
  • Receive detailed member statements
Membership benefits
  • Access to expert financial advice through TelstraSuper Financial Planning
  • Regular member magazine and informative e-publications
  • Educational seminars
  • Your family can join TelstraSuper
  • Access discounted health insurance from leading provider HCF

Defined benefit arrangements are closed and are only for full-time and part-time Telstra employees who commenced work for Telstra prior to July 1999. For more detailed information on how your arrangement works, download the TelstraSuper Division 2 Super Guide or visit our Frequently Asked Questions.