Types of advice you can receive

We offer a range of advice services from phone advice which is paid for by your membership to more comprehensive advice where a Telstra Super Financial Adviser can sit down with you and develop personalised strategies to grow and protect your wealth while taking advantage of the tax incentives available through super.

Advice fees – no surprises

Telstra Super Financial Planning offers a range of financial advice options, from simple super-related advice offered at no additional cost to comprehensive financial plans.

Super laws require us to charge fees for more complex personal advice (simple general and personal advice relating to your Telstra Super account is provided for under your administration fee). We don’t receive or pay commissions and Telstra Super operates on a profit to members’ basis, which enables us to keep our fees as low as possible. We charge flat fees and always let you know what they are before a financial plan is prepared so you can decide if you want to proceed.  Telstra Super Financial Planning has a range of fees in place depending on the level and type of advice you receive.

Simple advice and Comprehensive advice

Whether you have a quick super question you want answered on the spot, are looking for one-off advice on super or non-super topics or want ongoing advice from a dedicated advice team we have a solution to meet your needs. If you need help deciding what type of advice may best suit you, call Telstra Super Financial Planning on 1300 033 166 and we can assist you.


Simple advice 

Advice on simple super and Telstra Super related topics

No additional cost - included in your membership

Comprehensive advice 

Advice on more complex super and non-super topics


Ongoing advice service
Advice on super and non-super topics including regular, proactive contact from a dedicated adviser