You can stay with Telstra Super

A change of employer does not mean you have to change who looks after your super. Regardless of your employer, you are welcome as a member of Telstra Super and there are real advantages in Telstra Super membership.

What do I need to do to stay with Telstra Super?

Whether you're working for the Telstra Group or another employer you can keep your super with us. If you are leaving the Telstra Group, your super will be automatically transferred into Telstra Super Personal Plus. If you are already a member of Telstra Super Personal Plus, make sure you instruct your new employer to contribute to Telstra Super.

Directing your employer contributions to Telstra Super

To direct your employer contributions to your Telstra Super account simply complete a Super Choice form and give it to your employer, or complete the Standard Choice form they provide you with our details. Your employer will then start contributing to your Telstra Super account.

Why stay with Telstra Super

Telstra Super offers competitive fees and an oustanding range of membership benefits.  Find out 10 great reasons to stay with us.

Need help?

Telstra Super Financial Planning can give you personal advice on contribution options for your Telstra Super account at no additional cost, as part of your membership benefits.  To speak with an Adviser from Telstra Super Financial Planning, call 1300 033 166 or request a call.