Investing in retirement

How you choose to invest and draw income in retirement can make a big difference to the type of lifestyle you enjoy.



The following is general advice about how you may use investment choice to your advantage, so please consider your circumstances before making an investment choice.You have access to financial advice about your Telstra Super account through Telstra Super Financial Planning; call 1300 033 166 or request an appointment online.

How should I invest my money?

When you have finished working, your income priorities usually shift from pure saving, to carefully spending and maintaining your retirement savings. Because everyone has different circumstances, there is no one easy answer to retirement investment. Below we outline some of the things you should be thinking about.

1. Protecting your investment

Now that you’ve reached your retirement years, your focus is likely to shift towards protecting your investment and ensuring you have enough super savings to last the distance. Investing in more conservative options may still allow some room for growth, but with less potential for short-term losses. You may like to consider one of our more conservative investment options such as Defensive Growth or Diversified Income.

Please refer to your appropriate Investment Guide for more information about the available options.

2. Beating inflation

While investing conservatively might be a safer option in your retirement years, inflation is also important to keep in mind when evaluating your spending power. Keeping your savings in growth investments may help you beat inflation over the longer term.

3. Accessing your super

When you enter retirement, you also open up a number of options for accessing your super. While you could take your super out as a lump sum, keep it under your pillow and hope you don’t spend it all at once, keeping all or most of your super in your account can help you stretch your retirement savings further. For example,see more about retirement income streams below.

4. Retirement income streams

Flexible and tax effective, retirement income streams such as Telstra Super RetireAccess® are designed to replace the regular income earned during your working life. You receive regular income payments and have the ability to choose how much and how often your income is paid (above a minimum government limit).

5. Need help?

No matter your age or life stage, Telstra Super Financial Planning is here to help, offering financial advice with the aim of developing a financial strategy suited to your needs.

How do I change the way I invest?

With Telstra Super RetireAccess you can choose to invest your money across our range of investment options and choose where your income payments are taken from. This diversity helps you to ensure that your short-term income requirements are met, while the rest of your investment has an opportunity to grow over time.