Contributions splitting

Contributions splitting allows contributions your eligible spouse has made to their account to be split into your account. You can also split your super contributions into your spouse's account.

Contributions splitting can only be applied to accumulation arrangements. Defined Benefit members can split their Voluntary Accumulation Account contributions with their spouse, but are unable to split their Defined Benefit entitlement.

The following contributions can be split between spouses:

The following types of contributions cannot be split between spouses:

  • post-tax contributions
  • Employment Termination Payments
  • amounts that have been rolled over from another fund
  • lump sum payments such as those from an overseas fund
  • any amount rolled over as a contributions splitting superannuation benefit
  • any other contributions made prior to 1 January 2006.

Any contributions made after 1 July 2007 which are subsequently split will count towards the initiating spouse’s pre-tax contributions limit. The contribution split will not impact the receiving spouse’s contribution limits, either pre-tax or post-tax.

Splits can be made between spouses' accumulation accounts within the same super fund, or to another super fund. Amounts split to a spouse's account are preserved on entry to the receiving account.

Splits must be made between 1 July and 30 June following the year in which the contributions were made. Splits can be applied to all eligible contributions made throughout the full year. You can request to split contributions made in the current financial year only if you are exiting the fund or rolling over your entire benefit to another fund.

Contributions splitting applications cannot be accepted if your spouse is aged 65 years or more, or is between their applicable preservation age and 65, and retired.

To arrange a split to your spouse's account download a Contributions Splitting Application (64kb).

* This tax is 30% for members with eligible income over $300,000.