Nominate your beneficiaries:

Who can be nominated as a beneficiary?

You can nominate eligible dependants to be the beneficiaries of your death benefit. They include:


A person to whom you are legally married, a person whether of the same or a different sex with whom you are in a relationship that is registered under an Australian State or Territory law, and a person whether of the same or a different sex with whom you are not legally married but who lives with you on a genuine domestic basis as a couple.


Your child (or your spouse's child) of any age, including an adopted child or child within the meaning of the Family Law legislation.

However, if you nominate a reversionary beneficiary for a Telstra Super RetireAccess income stream, a child can only be nominated if, at the time of death, he/she:

  • is under the age of 18,
  • is under the age of 25 and financially dependent on you, or
  • has a disability as defined under the Disability Services Act 1986.

Any other person totally or partially financially dependent upon you at the time of your death.

Interdependent relationship

Any other person with whom you have an interdependent relationship, which is defined as:

  • someone you have a close personal relationship with, and
  • you live together, and
  • one or both of you provide financial support for the other, and
  • one or both of you provide domestic support and personal care for the other.

You may also have an interdependent relationship with someone when you have a close personal relationship but do not satisfy all the criteria listed above, by reason that one or both of you suffer from a physical, intellectual or psychiatric disability.

Your legal personal representative

This is the person either nominated by you to be the executor of your Will, or appointed to distribute your assets according to the laws of the relevant State or Territory, if you do not have a Will. You can only nominate a legal personal representative as a binding or non-binding beneficiary (not availble for reversionary pensions).

Don't have any dependants?

It you do not have any dependants and you wish your benefit to be paid to a non-dependant, you may choose to nominate your legal personal representative on the Nomination of Beneficiaries form.


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