Retirement income projector

Our retirement income projector allows you to estimate your projected super balance and whether you are likely to have an adequate retirement income.

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The retirement income projector is an interactive and comprehensive tool, designed to estimate your total retirement income.  You can:

  • estimate your retirement budget
  • see how much Age Pension you may qualify for
  • choose to enter your partner's salary and super
  • include other investments, assets and income that you may have
  • factor in planned career breaks, such as time off to have children
  • compare the outcomes of different scenarios
  • see how a variety of market changes may impact your retirement savings.

You can also access the retirement income projector through our secure portal, SuperOnline, your key data including your age, super balance, investment choice and (where known) your salary* will be entered automatically.

* This figure represents your income for insurance purposes, as advised by your employer. This may differ to your actual salary, though you can easily adjust this if required.

Simulate a variety of market changes

The market simulator option enables you to consider the impact different market changes could have on your super balance. At the click of a button, ten different market climates are simulated and the projected retirement savings levels automatically adjusted.

It's easy to use

A brief tutorial at the start of the retirement income projector explains the key inputs, and provides plain English explanations of all terms used as you navigate through the tool.  

Comprehensive report provided

You can download your personalised report containing a summary of the data you entered and your projected retirement income and superannuation balance.  From there you can decide if you'd like to make any changes to your super or other financial arrangements to reach your desired outcome.

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