Taking control of your super after a career break

More and more people are working part time these days, with work flexibility at an all-time high. Whatever your situation, if you’re working part-time, you’re also saving less for super. But with a bit of careful planning, you can still build up your retirement savings.

After a period of working part-time, you may want to consider making catch-up payments to your super. A few small changes can set you on the path for a more comfortable retirement.

Salary sacrifice

This means making contributions to super from your pre-tax salary while you're still working full-time. This can help boost your balance, help make up for periods of working part-time when your super contributions are lower and they can lower the amount of tax you pay. 

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Spouse contributions

If you have a spouse, they can make a contribution to your super account on your behalf – and receive a tax offset.

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Government top-ups

A government scheme means you may be eligible to receive a government contribution of up to $500 a year, if you're on a lower income.

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Need help taking control of your super?

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