Income while you work and in retirement

We have retirement income products to give you the flexibility to ease up on work as you near retirement and pay you an income when you finish work. Get the flexibility you want with our award winning income streams. 

  • Transition to retirement

    A Transition to Retirement Strategy allows you to ease yourself into retirement by moving to part-time work, supplementing your salary via your super and benefiting from tax concessions

  • Retirement income stream

    Continue to pay yourself a tax effective salary after you finish working.

  • Lifetime Pension

    Our lifetime pension is an annuity-style product that can provide you with a guaranteed, regular and tax-free income payment in retirement – for your lifetime and your spouse’s lifetime, in exchange for a lump sum purchase price.

  • Start your retirement with a bonus

    Stay with us when you retire and start a TelstraSuper RetireAccess Retirement income stream and you could be eligible to receive a Retirement Bonus of up to $8,000.