TelstraSuper RetireAccess

You spend your working life receiving a salary.  As you near retirement,  You have options to continue to receive a regular income from your super.

There are essentially three ways to to receive a regular income using a product such as TelstraSuper RetireAccess. The option that best suits you will depend on your personal circumstances and financial situation. You can:

Stop working altogether

Invest in a retirement income stream and pay yourself a regular income from this product.

Reduce your working hours

‘Semi-retire’ and use a transition to retirement income stream (TTR) to maintain your income.

Keep working full time

Use a TTR strategy to boost your super and maintain your income.

  • Benefits of a RetireAccess income stream
    • investment earnings are tax free (for retirement income streams - Transition to Retirement income streams are generally taxed at a maximum of  15%)
    • withdrawals are tax free after age 60
    • super lasts longer by keeping it invested in tax effective environment
    • flexibility to choose how much income you want to be paid and how often (some conditions apply)
    • nominate who gets what's left in your account when you die
    • access your money to make lump sum withdrawals anytime you need extra cash (retirement income stream only)
    • maximise your potential tax savings using a transition to retirement; and
    • you may still be eligible to receive the Age Pension.
  • TelstraSuper RetireAccess features

    RetireAccess can pay you an income after you reach your preservation age while you're still working or after you retire permanently. RetireAccess is a competitive product that has been nominated for several awards by SuperRatings. Some of the features are:

    • competitive fees
    • solid investment performance*
    • unlimited death insurance cover until age 75
    • access to TelstraSuper Financial Planning
    • flexibility to choose who gets the remainder of your balance when you die
    • a range of investment options to invest your money.

    More details on RetireAccess.

    * Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Future performance is not guaranteed.

    Subject to insurer approval.

  • Withdrawing from an RetireAccess income stream

    Depending on the type of income stream, you may be eligible to make one-off income payment in addition to your regular payments or make a full or partial lump sum withdrawal if you need extra cash.

    As there are tax implications and other considerations, we recommend that you read the ‘Payments and withdrawals’ section in the TelstraSuper RetireAccess Product Disclosure Statement before completing the online withdrawal application.

Easy to set up

It's easy to open a RetireAccess account. You can either let us help you or do it yourself.

Let us help you

The easiest way to set up a RetireAccess account is to contact us on 1300 033 166.  If you need retirement planning advice you can contact TelstraSuper Financial Planning to help you work out the best strategy for your circumstances. 

Do it yourself

If you don’t feel you need assistance you can fill in the RetireAccess application form.  Make sure you read the RetireAccess PDS before filling in the forms.  


Need help with your income options from super?

At TelstraSuper we’re here to help you build a secure financial future. TelstraSuper Financial Planning that has a team of phone based Advisers who can provide you with simple advice to help you work out the best ways to maximise your super in retirement. If you’d like to discuss your retirement plans or if you have any other financial advice queries contact us on 1300 033 166 or fill in our online contact form. There's no additional charge for our phone based service as this is included in your TelstraSuper membership. 

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This product has a Target Market Determination (TMD) that outlines its target market, distribution conditions and reporting obligations. You can view the TMD here.