Nominate a beneficiary

Who gets your super in the event of your death?

Nominating a beneficiary helps TelstraSuper to determine who should receive your super benefit in the event of your death.

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There are three options for how you can decide who gets your super when you die:

  • Binding 
  • Non-binding 
  • Reversionary  beneficiary (RetireAccess members only).

Binding nomination

A binding death benefit nomination gives you certainty about who will receive your benefit if you die. A valid binding nomination means we must pay your death benefit according to your wishes. You can nominate your dependants or your legal personal representative(s). A binding nomination must be signed and witnessed by two people over 18 who are not nominated as beneficiaries. It is valid for three years and we will advise you in writing when your binding nomination is about to expire. You should consider seeking financial advice prior to making a binding nomination as it may affect your estate planning.

You can make a binding nomination only by:

  • completing the Nomination of Beneficiaries form, which needs to be witnessed by two adult witnesses.

Nominate a binding beneficiary

Non-binding nomination

A non-binding nomination can be made without needing to be witnessed or renewed every three years. We will take your non-binding nomination into consideration in the event of your death but will not be bound by it.

Your non-binding nomination will endure throughout your membership of TelstraSuper, unless you elect to change it. However, TelstraSuper urges you to keep your non-binding nomination up-to-date to reflect, among other things, your current family circumstances.

You can complete a non-binding nomination by: 

Nominate a non-binding beneficiary online

Reversionary beneficiary nomination

(TelstraSuper RetireAccess members only)

A reversionary beneficiary nomination can only be made at the commencement of a TelstraSuper RetireAccess account. You may only nominate a single reversionary beneficiary who must be an eligible dependant at the date of your death.

If you nominate an eligible reversionary beneficiary, TelstraSuper is required by law to pay them the remaining balance of your TelstraSuper RetireAccess account as an income stream, in the event of your death. That is, your pension payments will continue to be paid to your nominated beneficiary. If you have death insurance attached to your retirement income account, your existing binding or non-binding nomination will be maintained for the death insured benefit only. 

Before making the decision to nominate, update or remove a reversionary beneficiary, you may want to consider seeking financial advice, as there may be Centrelink or Department of Veterans Affairs implications. 

A reversionary beneficiary nomination cannot be made on a TelstraSuper RetireAccess Retirement income stream account with an investment in the Direct Access investment option.

As a TelstraSuper member, you can access financial planning advice through TelstraSuper Financial Planning.

  • Who you can nominate?

    Each individual person nominated as a beneficiary must be an eligible dependant or your legal personal representative. These include:

    • a spouse – including de facto and same-sex spouses
    • children of any age – including adopted and step-children
    • interdependency relationship – someone you live with and have a close personal relationship with where one or both of you provide for the financial and domestic support and personal care of the other
    • other financial dependants – such as someone who relies on you financially
    • your legal personal representative – the executor of your estate as stated in your Will or the administrator of your deceased estate. Note a legal personal representative cannot be nominated as a reversionary beneficiary.
  • What if you don't have dependants?

    If you don't have any dependants and you wish the benefit to be paid to a non-dependant, you could:

    • nominate your legal personal representative, and
    • draw up a Will to show how your estate and your superannuation benefit should be distributed.
  • How to update a nomination

    You can complete a new Nomination of Beneficiaries form at any time to update your binding or non-binding nomination. The most recent nomination you make will override and automatically cancel your previous nomination.

    A reversionary beneficiary nomination is binding, therefore you would need to close your existing TelstraSuper RetireAccess account and open a new one if you want to update or remove an existing reversionary beneficiary nomination.

  • How to cancel a nomination

    If you wish to have the trustee determine who receives your benefit in the event of your death, you can remove your nomination altogether by completing the Nomination of Beneficiaries form. 

    A reversionary beneficiary nomination is binding, therefore you would need to close your existing TelstraSuper RetireAccess account and open a new one if you want to update or remove an existing reversionary beneficiary nomination.

  • Where to check your nominated beneficiaries

    It's important that you review your beneficiary details regularly, to make sure your nominations are up to date and reflect your current wishes. You can check your current nominated beneficiaries on:

  • What happens if my nomination lapses or is otherwise invalid
    If your nomination has lapsed at the date of death, is otherwise invalid or is incapable of being followed, the trustee will exercise its discretion and distribute any benefit payable to your dependents and/or legal  personal representative as it sees fit and in accordance with superannuation laws.

Need help with your beneficiaries

At TelstraSuper we’re here to help you build a secure financial future. TelstraSuper Financial Planning has a team of phone based Advisers who can provide you with simple advice about your TelstraSuper account. If you’d like to discuss nominating beneficiaries contact us on 1300 033 166 or by filling in our online contact form.  

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