Death and Total & Permanent Disablement Cover

It's important to have a plan in place just in case the worst happens. That's why we have Death and Total & Permanent Disablement insurance cover designed to offer financial assistance at a time when you or your family may need it most.

Death and Total & Permanent Disablement (TPD) cover

In the unfortunate event of your Death or Total and Permanent Disablement, insurance cover means that you, your dependant(s) and/or your legal personal representative could receive a lump sum insurance payment in addition to your super account balance.

Depending on the TelstraSuper account you have, you may be eligible for default Death & TPD cover. You can choose to cancel this cover  - click the link below for details. 

If you are under 25 years of age or have an account balance that is less than $6,000, you must opt in within 120 days of commencing employment or joining the fund (as applicable depending on your membership type) to receive member paid default insurance cover subject to 'At Work' requirements. If you opt in outside of 120 days, you will need to apply and be assessed by our insurer.  

You may be able to apply for voluntary cover of up to $5 million for TPD cover and unlimited Death cover, subject to underwriting requirements.

Find out more about changing your insurance cover

You may also be able to apply for voluntary Death only and Death & TPD insurance cover without supplying medical evidence upon the occurrence of a specified life event* (e.g. marriage, birth of a child, taking out or increasing a mortgage). Find out more.

You may also be able to transfer any externally held Death only or Death & TPD insurance to TelstraSuper. For more detailed information refer to the relevant Insurance Guide

*Refer to relevant policy for all specified life events.

Death & TPD cover is available to:

  • Corporate Plus members (people who work for Telstra, Telstra associated companies and other approved employers)
  • Personal Plus members (accumulation members who are not Corporate Plus members)
  • Division 5 Defined Benefit members
  • Division 2 Defined Benefit members 
  • RetireAccess members (people who are receiving an income stream payment) – Death cover only

Further eligibility criteria and terms and conditions may apply. For more information on Death and TPD insurance cover read the relevant Product Disclosure Statement or Insurance Guide.

Terminal illness benefit

If you have Death cover, in the unfortunate circumstance you are diagnosed with a terminal illness (as defined in the relevant policy of insurance), you can apply to be paid a terminal illness benefit. You don't have to have stopped working to qualify for this benefit. This is the early payment of your Death benefit.


We're here to help

At TelstraSuper we're here to help you build a secure financial future. TelstraSuper Financial Planning that has a team of phone based Advisers who can help you work out how much insurance you need.  If you’d like to discuss your insurance or if you have any other financial advice queries contact us on 1300 033 166 or fill in our online contact form.  There's no additional charge for our phone based service as this is included in your TelstraSuper membership. 

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Any general advice has been prepared without taking into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. Before you act on any general advice, you should consider whether it is appropriate to your individual circumstances. Before making any decision, you should obtain and read the relevant Product Disclosure Statement and Target Market Determination. You may wish to consult an adviser before you make any decisions relating to your financial affairs. To speak with an Adviser from TelstraSuper Financial Planning call 1300 033 166.