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An industry-leading tool which lets you see how TelstraSuper’s suite of investment options have performed and lets you track daily movements of the unit prices for all our investment options. 


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  • to graph MySuper Growth, MySuper Balanced, MySuper Moderate or MySuper Conservative, please select/view the Growth option, Balanced option, Moderate option or Conservative option respectively above
  • data can be easily downloaded as a CSV file for import into programs such as Microsoft Excel
  • saving the address bar link allows you to record and return to the chosen graph at any time in the future.

See our long-term returns in a simple table

The following changes were made to investment options offered to  Personal/Corporate Plus & TTR income stream members

1. Personal/Corporate Plus & TTR income stream
MySuper Moderate was introduced as a MySuper lifestage on 1 October 2023 (not applicable to TTR income stream)
The High Growth option was introduced on 2 October 2023
• The ‘Defensive Growth’ option was renamed the ‘Moderate’ option
The ‘Fixed Interest’ option was renamed the ‘Diversified Bonds and Credit’ option
2. RetireAccess Retirement income stream 
The High Growth option was introduced on 2 October 2023 
The ‘Fixed Interest’ option was renamed the ‘Diversified Bonds and Credit’ option on  1 July 2023
On 8 November 2021, some of the RetireAccess Retirement income stream investment options were renamed as follows:
• The ‘Conservative’ option was renamed the ‘Lifestyle Conservative’ option.
• The ‘Diversified Income’ option was renamed the ‘Lifestyle Moderate’ option.
• The ‘Growth’ option was renamed the ‘Lifestyle Growth’ option.
• The ‘Balanced’ option was renamed the ‘Lifestyle Balanced’ option.

Stay up to date on investment returns and what's happening in the market

  1. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.
  2. Depending on inception date, investment returns may not be available for the selected date range.
  3. The estimates in the Investment Performance Simulator represent what the amount entered would have been had it been invested during the specified time period and in the investment option(s) selected. The estimates do not take into account any inflows or outflows including but not limited to contributions, withdrawals, contributions tax, insurance premiums or fees.
  4. The TelstraSuper RetireAccess investment returns are net of indirect investment costs but before the deduction of any applicable indirect administration cost, administration fee or rebate. 
  5. The investment returns shown above for the Growth, Balanced, Moderate and Conservative options (which form stages of TelstraSuper's MySuper Lifecycle) are different to those appearing in the MySuper Product Dashboard, which are displayed net of administration fees, indirect administration costs, indirect investment costs and investment taxes (refer to the MySuper Product Dashboard for more information). For RetireAccess Retirement income stream members the options are Lifestyle Conservative, Lifestyle Balanced, Lifestyle Moderate and Lifestyle Growth.
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