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TelstraSuper is an award-winning, profit-to-members fund open to current and former employees of Telstra and related companies, and their eligible family members. We offer competitive fees, expert investment management, and an extensive range of membership benefits.

Are you eligible to join TelstraSuper?

  • every current and former* Telstra Group** employee, 
  • employees of a Telstra-approved employer (Telstra Stores), and 
  • every eligible member of your family.

*former means a person who was an employee of the Telstra Group on or after 1 July 1990.

**Telstra Group means Telstra Corporation Limited and its wholly owned subsidiaries. 

The eligible family member must be aged 15 years or over and be presently related to an existing or deceased TelstraSuper member.

See Eligibility list

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Before you start

Complete this application form to open a TelstraSuper Personal Plus account, our personal super product designed specifically for eligible prospective members.

If you currently work for Telstra or the Telstra Group, you do not need to complete this application. Simply contact your Human Resource/Payroll department to join TelstraSuper.

Please read the TelstraSuper Personal Plus Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and the important information in each section to help you complete your application.

It will take approximately 10 minutes to complete this form.

Please note: once you start you won't be able to save the form and come back later, so please make sure you have the information listed below to complete your application.

Information you will need to complete this application

* This online joining form does not enable you to invest in the Diversified Income option. If you wish to invest in this option please complete the PDF application form