Leaving your employer

When you leave the Telstra Group or an eligible Telstra-approved employer your super is automatically transferred to a TelstraSuper Personal Plus account, ensuring you’ll continue to enjoy uninterrupted TelstraSuper membership. 

Upon transfer, Personal Plus fees and costs apply. Person Plus administration and investment fees and costs are the same as those charged in Corporate Plus.  

Whether you’re going to a new job or retiring, here's some next steps to help you make the most of it:

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Starting a new job

No matter what your new job is or where it takes you, TelstraSuper can be right there with you. And with our TelstraSuper app and Digital Member Card it’s easier than ever to keep track of your super, anytime, anywhere.

Keep in touch with your super

Send us your contributions

Let your employer know you're staying with us and you want your ongoing contributions to be made into your TelstraSuper account.

Email my employer

Find and consolidate your accounts

If you have super elsewhere, save paying multiple fees by consolidating your other super accounts into TelstraSuper. To apply, log in to your account and complete our online form.

Find and consolidate


Changes to your insurance

You'll continue to receive flexible cover but there are some changes when you move to Personal Plus and Personal Plus insurance premium rates will apply. Now’s a great time to review your cover. 

Changes to my insurance

Fee and cost changes

When you move to Personal Plus, the Personal Plus fees and costs will apply, including premiums for any insurance you may have. If you are moving from Corporate Plus, administration and investment fees and costs do not change from what you were paying previously. For information about fees and costs applicable to Personal Plus, refer to the TelstraSuper Personal Plus Product Disclosure Statement and Insurance Guide or contact us on 1300 033 166.

Fees and costs Change to Personal Plus from Corporate Plus
 Administration fees and costs No change
Investment fees and costs No change
Insurance premiums New premium rates apply and you will need to pay for any insurance cover you have . See the Personal Plus PDS for details.  

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Or are you ready to retire?

TelstraSuper RetireAccess® can offer you a flexible, tax effective income stream, whether you’re thinking about retirement or you’re already there.

your retirement income options

Accessing your super

Full time, part time or fully retired, depending on your age you have options that will let you receive a regular income from your super.

 how to access my super

Talk to a Financial Planner

Need a hand working out what to do next? You might want to consider getting some advice from TelstraSuper Financial Planning over the phone or in person.

Contact a Financial Planner

Need help with your Personal Plus account?

If you’d like to discuss your super or if you have any other financial advice queries contact us on 1300 033 166 or fill in our online contact form. There's no additional cost for our phone based general and simple personal advice* as this is included in your TelstraSuper membership. *This is general and simple personal advice about your TelstraSuper account over the phone. Simple personal advice is advice about contributions, investment options and insurance cover within your TelstraSuper account.

Online contact form
The Products & services section on the TelstraSuper website contains information on the Defined Benefit ‘product’ . Amongst other things, the following information is provided. Defined benefit arrangements are closed and are only for full-time and part-time Telstra employees who commenced work for Telstra prior to July 1999. For more detailed information on how your arrangement works, download the TelstraSuper Division 2 Super Guide or visit our Frequently Asked Questions.