Leaving the Telstra Group

When you leave Telstra or a related company, your super’s automatically transferred into TelstraSuper Personal Plus. You’ll continue to enjoy uninterrupted TelstraSuper membership.

Personal Plus is a super product for building super savings. It offers true value for money with an extensive range of benefits. If you've reached your preservation age then you may want to consider a TelstraSuper RetireAccess® income stream.

Key steps to take when you move to TelstraSuper Personal Plus:

Send us your contributions

Let your employer know you're continuing with TelstraSuper and your ongoing contributions are to be made into your TelstraSuper account. To do this simply email your employer or complete a super choice form and hand it to them.

Rollover your other accounts

If you’ve joined another super fund since leaving your job you can roll your new super account into your TelstraSuper account by filling in our quick online form. We’ll find your new super account and you can then consolidate through your SuperOnline account. 

Review your insurance

Your insurance changes when you move to Personal Plus.  You'll still continue to receive flexible insurance arrangements through Personal Plus. To find out more detailed information on what these changes are, go to insurance changes. You can also change and update your insurance if your circumstances have changed.


Over 57? Access your super...

Whether you're working full-time, part-time or fully retired, if you've reached your preservation age you can open a TelstraSuper RetireAccess® account. Our TelstraSuper RetireAccess® product can provide access to a flexible, tax effective income stream whether you're working or retired to help you achieve your financial goals close to or in retirement.

Need help with your Personal Plus account?

At TelstraSuper we’re here to help you build a secure financial future. TelstraSuper Financial Planning has a team of phone based Advisers who can provide you with simple advice to help you get the most from your Personal Plus account. If you’d like to discuss your super or if you have any other financial advice queries contact us on 1300 033 166 or fill in our online contact form. There's no additional cost for our phone based advice as this is included in your TelstraSuper membership.

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