Unit prices

Unit prices are updated daily, each Melbourne Business Day.*

Unit prices are net of indirect investment fees, indirect administration fee and investment taxes. Unit prices are calculated using investment returns which are net of indirect investment fees and investment taxes but before indirect administration fees. This is different to investment returns appearing in the MySuper Product Dashboard, which are displayed net of administration fees, indirect administration fees, indirect investment fees and investment taxes.


Revaluation of unlisted assets

The economic uncertainty from the COVID-19 coronavirus has resulted in sharp falls in the value of listed equities (shares). It is also affecting the value of all other types of investment assets, such as the unlisted portfolio which includes property and infrastructure. As a result, TelstraSuper has revalued our property and infrastructure portfolios.


Unlisted assets such as property and infrastructure assets are not traded on public markets in the same way as shares. Therefore the values of these assets do not fluctuate on daily basis. Instead, these assets are valued on a periodic basis by specialist independent valuers. Each asset in the portfolio is revalued on at least an annual basis but often more frequently. Given the rapid and significant changes to the economic environment as a result of the COVID-19 virus, TelstraSuper has adjusted the value of its unlisted asset portfolio to reflect the changes that are likely to occur when these assets are next independently valued. These adjustments were made on 31 March 2020.


We will continue to monitor investment markets closely to ensure that valuations remain reflective of prevailing economic and market conditions. TelstraSuper continues to have the discretion to adjust valuations to reflect market circumstances. Such adjustments can be made to help ensure all members are being treated equitably when transactions occur. 


* A Melbourne business day is from Monday through Friday (inclusive) and excludes any day that falls on a national holiday or a Victorian public holiday, as published on the Victorian Government’s website. A public holiday that is a non-metropolitan Victorian public holiday only is regarded as a Melbourne Business Day. 

Unit prices

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You can also use the Unit prices and performance graph to see how our suite of investments have performed.

Unit prices reflect earnings on the investments of a chosen investment option. A new buy and sell price is set each Melbourne Business Day for each investment option, reflecting the changing value of the underlying assets in the investment option(s) and transactional and operational costs. When making an investment switch, your money will be switched into your new investment option on the next Effective Day (the date your money will be switched into your new investment option. The unit price applicable for your new investment option will be applied the next Melbourne Business Day). Please read our Effective Day examples before making a switch.

Changes in unit prices may arise from various factors including external factors such as market performance and internal factors such as adjustments to unit pricing calculations.

Need more information on unit prices?

To find out how unit prices are determined and how they are applied to your account, visit how unit prices work.