When to review your insurance

Getting married or having a baby? Taking out a mortgage or renovating? Each of these major events is considered a "Life Event" and provides an opportunity to review whether your insurance cover still meets your increased financial obligations.  

You can apply for additional Death or Death and TPD cover without providing medical evidence, following a specified Life Event (conditions apply – refer to the relevant Insurance Guide for details).

Life Events include changes that may impact your personal or financial situation, such as:

  • Birth or adoption of a child;
  • Marriage or divorce;
  • Start or end of a "recognised relationship"* including a civil partnership;
  • A new mortgage for the purchase or construction of a home or investment property;
  • Financing a renovation with a minimum cost of $30,000;
  • Child starting primary or secondary school;
  • Death of a spouse;
  • Buying a business with a business loan of more than $100,000.

Applying for Life Events cover

To apply for Life Events cover, complete and submit a Life Event Application Form, along with the required supporting documentation.

A Life Event application will generally be accepted provided you meet the eligibility criteria and provide satisfactory documentation supporting the occurrence of the life event.

Read through the relevant Insurance Guide or for help with your insurance options, simply call us on 1300 033 166.

*For a full definition of "recognised relationship", please refer to the relevant Insurance Guide.