New job? Stay with TelstraSuper

Regardless of where you’re employed, you can take your TelstraSuper membership with you.  You can continue to receive the benefits of being with Australia’s largest, multi award winning corporate super fund throughout your career.

It's easy to stay with us

Getting your employer contributions paid to your TelstraSuper account is easy! You can either:

Stay with TelstraSuper

We can also find your other super and help you roll it into your TelstraSuper account.

Why stay with TelstraSuper?

There are many benefits of being with TelstraSuper. We're a fund that only current and former Telstra Group employee, employees of a Telstra associated employers (Telstra Stores), and eligible members of your family can join. Once you're in – you're in for life!

Need help with your paperwork?

At TelstraSuper we're here to help you build a secure financial future. If you'd like to discuss your super account, or need help completing any paperwork contact us on 1300 033 166 or fill in our online contact form.

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