Super Conversations - Get Super Savvy Sooner

Women often retire with less super than men but it doesn't have to be that way. Check out this super conversation for ways to become super savvy sooner.

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    Kerry: Did you know women retire with around half the super of men? Listen to Michelle and my super conversation for easy ways to save thousands extra in your super so you don’t get left behind.

    Michelle: How do those leggings look Kez?

    Kerry: Great, they’re going to be perfect for my return to Pilates!

    Michelle: I hear you!

    Kerry: Mind you, I want to be a bit more careful with my spending. I went to this presentation on superannuation, it was a real eye opener. I know you’re probably not thinking about retirement yet, but I learnt if I’d thought about contributing to my super earlier I could be thousands of dollars better off – and maybe even been able to retire sooner.

    Michelle: You’re right, I never think about my super. Although now that I’m getting that promotion at work and the wedding’s not far away, I’m starting to think more about my money and what might happen if I want to take time off to have kids.

    Kerry: They said that women tend to retire with less money – especially if they have taken time away from work or changed their working hours.

    Michelle: Did they have any tips for what to do?

    Kerry: There’s ways to save even if you aren’t working or go back to work part-time. Scott can contribute money into your super and may even get a tax rebate for it!
    There’s also government co-contributions, where if you earn below a certain amount and put extra into your super, the government may make a contribution for you as well.

    Michelle: No one told me our government’s giving away money!

    Kerry: They also gave examples of what living on the age pension alone would be like –Definitely no Pilates or nights out! Let alone those yearly overseas vacations.

    Michelle: Oh, that’s just depressing.

    Kerry: True, but they did say at our ages if we start contributing a bit extra from our salary each pay it could reduce our taxable income and it could really help. I’m definitely going to start putting some extra in.

    Michelle: I’ve always just assumed what my employer pays would be enough. Maybe it won’t!

    Kerry: And you can just phone them up and get all kinds of great advice about super over the phone –it won’t cost anything extra.

    Michelle: Now that sounds good. Kez, you’re a real super guru you know.

    Kerry: (Laughs) Yeah, I guess I am now¬¬! But enough about super, you’re the fashion guru – what do you think of this dress? Buy or not buy……

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