Member research during April 2021

During April you may receive an invitation to participate in member research. This research helps us understand our members' sentiment toward TelstraSuper and their satisfaction with our products and services.

At TelstraSuper we are committed to delivering better retirement savings outcomes for our members. We conduct member research and participate in industry based member research on a regular basis. The opinions and feedback our members provide are critical to helping us ensure that the products and services we offer are the right ones to meet the needs of our members.

Retirement and superannuation surveys

During April 2021 we will be emailing selected members with either an online retirement or superannuation survey. This research will enable us to explore the attitudes and preparedness of Australians towards retirement, outstanding retirement needs and find out more about  experiences with the superannuation system. 

Virtual discussions

We’ll also be conducting research on our retirement income options. Selected members will be asked to participate in virtual focus groups and discussions so we can better understand the features required from an income option, and the emotional needs of members during this income selection process.

Naturally, participation in this research is voluntary for the selected members.

Your information

TelstraSuper has provided limited member contact details to our research partners to enable participation in the research and analysis of the  responses. Our research partners have signed a confidentiality deed with TelstraSuper and have committed to ensuring that all data will be kept secure and used only for the purposes of undertaking this research. You will not be asked to provide any sensitive information such as bank details, login details, pin numbers or tax file numbers.

Research outcomes are reported in aggregate and member responses are not reported in a way that allows them to be linked back to an individual member.

What should you do?

Should you be invited to participate in this research we would be very grateful of your participation and the feedback. Please be assured that it is legitimate research undertaken on behalf of TelstraSuper.

If you have any concerns about being contacted to participate in this or any other research on behalf of TelstraSuper you can unsubscribe to research communications by adjusting your communication preferences in your SuperOnline account. Alternatively you can contact us between 8.30am and 5.00pm (Melbourne time) Monday to Friday on 1300 033 166.