TelstraSuper invests in the future of Wi-Fi

Imagine Wi-Fi that reaches beyond a kilometre from your modem. 

Red wifi sign

Now imagine you could connect hundreds – or even thousands – of devices with ease. That’s what the team at Morse Micro have been working on with the help of investor funding from TelstraSuper and others.

Wi-Fi HaLow technology embodies a new era of long-reach, low-power Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity that promises to be more transformative than any version of Wi-Fi that came before it. 

The new technology allows a single access point to provide reliable Wi-Fi connectivity to thousands of devices. It’s perfect in a world where more and more of our devices can connect to the internet (think vacuums, fridges, heaters, lights and more). 

From the outback to the city: the Wi-Fi revolution is here

According to Morse Micro co-founder and CEO Michael De Nil, Wi-Fi HaLow delivers more than 10 times the range and 100 times the coverage of your standard Wi-Fi counterparts. With this new wireless technology, the opportunities for connecting could be limitless. 

“Farmers could use the new technology to connect thousands of IoT devices including animal tracking equipment, smart cameras, and even sensors and actuators for smart agriculture projects,” adds De Nil.

Urban landscapes could also be transformed with the widespread deployment of Wi-Fi HaLow in residential and commercial gateways. Smart city solutions such as precision metering, traffic management and environmental monitoring become possible and much more efficient with Wi-Fi HaLow.

Investing in Morse Micro

So why does TelstraSuper think Morse Micro has promise? Wi-Fi HaLow isn’t just a new wireless technology -- it’s a promise of transformation for those who have been underserved with wireless access. We think this could be a good investment, and we’re not alone. 

Morse Micro recently raised AU$170 million in Series B funding from investors including Japanese chip giant MegaChips, Malcom Turnbull and, of course, TelstraSuper. 

The company also has a number of heavy hitters involved such as world-renowned wireless expert Professor Neil Weste who is a revered Fellow. In fact, Professor Weste was the co-founder of the company that unveiled the world’s first Wi-Fi chip in the late nineties.

TelstraSuper holds its investment in Morse Micro as part of its Private Equity portfolio, which is headed up by Head of Alternative Investments and Real Assets, Kate Misic.

“It’s great to see TelstraSuper members’ money contributing to such an innovative and promising technology,” said Ms. Misic. “We’re excited because Wi-Fi HaLow has the potential to revolutionise Internet of Things technology, and Morse Micro is an Australian chip company that has the potential to be a world leader in this space.”

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