It's time you saw your career from a different perspective

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How to get ahead in your work life

We promise we won’t give you the usual clichés like “give 110%” or “dress for the job you want”.

Start networking

1. Start networking

You don’t need to be hitting up Friday night work drinks every week, but taking the time to get to know your colleagues around the business can pay dividends in the future.  Even if your current job isn’t what you want to be doing in the future, you never know where your colleagues will end up.  Sally from the outbound call centre might end up as the Head of Customer Relations at your dream job. Also don’t say no to any event invites – especially professional ones. The more people you know the more opportunities this may open up for you when you want to make your next move. When you meet people don’t feel shy to add them to your LinkedIn profile as well.
Handle conflict

2. Stop, reflect and redirect

Feel like sometimes you come across as “too emotional”? With any job can come conflict in opinions and it’s human nature to respond immediately when we feel defensive.  Exercise your maturity and leadership potential by showing restraint and taking a moment before you respond. A couple of seconds can be enough to constructively solve the issue, plus you’ll appear more in control. You’ll come into contact with all types of people throughout your career – some will be toxic. Learn to recognise the different types of challenging personalities and how to best deal with them.  Also learn to seek out advocates who will help you in your career. Having a mentor can help you navigate more challenging times as well as give you someone to bounce ideas off.
Get a pay rise

3. Don’t wait for a pay rise

While getting a pay rise can depend on a lot of things, willingness to ask for more money and preparing a well-documented pitch are going to increase the chances of it happening.  Rather than complaining to your bestie that you’re under paid or overdue for promotion, get organised. Know the process, prepare the evidence, have a figure in mind and book a time to discuss pay with your boss. Avoid words like ‘I want or I need’ and use words like ‘I’ve achieved or I deserve’. Framing it as a business argument by showing what you’ve done for the business will get you more than framing it as a personal desire.
Take a risk

4. Take a risk and go for that next step

Been thinking about applying for that promotion but aren’t confident that you can tick all the boxes on the job description? Apply anyway. Studies show that men apply for a job when they meet only 60% of the qualifications, but women apply only if they meet 100%*. Remember this stat next time you think you aren’t good enough and check if you’re under selling your abilities. Put your hand up when opportunities present themselves but also don’t be afraid to put forward ideas for career progression.  If you see a gap in the team and want to fill it – make it known that you have the capabilities and want to take on more responsibility. 

*Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead by Sheryl Sandberg
Boost your super

5. Make your money work harder for you

9.5% of your wage is going to super. If you have more than one super fund then the chances are you’ll have more than one set of fees as well as insurance policies, which can quickly chew up your super balance. Sorting this out when you’re young could save you thousands of dollars throughout your career. We can do the hard bit of finding your money – you just need to provide us with consent to use your Tax File Number on your behalf. It’s then a simple process to get all your super together. It’s one step that’s definitely worth taking with your super.
Do one things and call us

Call us and get it sorted

Feeling time poor? We can help. As part of your membership you can get general advice about your super over the phone at no additional cost, so make the most of it. It’s quick and easy, and we can help you check your balance, consolidate your accounts, make contributions, and more. You can call us on 1300 033 166 or fill in our online form and we’ll call you.
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