Voluntary Accumulation Account

All TelstraSuper defined benefit members have the opportunity to open a Voluntary Accumulation Account and access the investment market.

Unlike your defined benefit, the balance of your Voluntary Accumulation Account increases or decreases according to investment performance. You can choose from our range of investment options and tailor your investment strategy to build your super the way you want.

How your Voluntary Accumulation Account works

With a Voluntary Accumulation Account you can boost your super by making additional member contributions. You can choose to:

  • make additional contributions from your pre-tax salary
  • make regular pre or post-tax member contributions in multiples of $1 each fortnight from your salary
  • start, stop or change the amount of your member contributions four times a year
  • make an additional member contribution as a one-off payment at any time
  • roll-in super from another super fund.

Your contributions and roll-ins then buy units in the investment options you have chosen.  Any money withdrawn from your account reduces the number of units held.

Number of units held x daily unit price = your Voluntary Accumulation Accounts value

Investment fees and taxes are deducted when calculating daily unit prices. Administration fees are deducted at the end of each quarter, or when you leave the fund.

Fees and charges

With a Voluntary Accumulation Account you will pay:

  • competitive administration fees of $1 per week (currently paid by Telstra) and a indirect administration fee of 0.17% of balance pa (deducted daily in the calculation of unit prices)
  • competitive investment fees dependent on your investment choice.

Opening a Voluntary Accumulation Account

A Voluntary Accumulation Account will be opened in your name:

  • at your request
  • when you make a contribution to a Voluntary Accumulation Account
  • when Government Co-contributions are received on your behalf
  • when you roll in money from another super fund.